1-Page announces former Executive Vice President of HR at Electronic Arts (EA) Rusty Rueff as Newly Elected Board of Directors.

1-Page, the Next Generation Enterprise Platform that gamifies the entire Talent Acquisition and Idea Management system, announced that Rusty Rueff has been elected as new member of the Board.

“At 1-Page we are privileged to have such committed, creative and forward-thinking Board member as ambassador of our organization,”
said Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, CEO and Co-founder at 1-Page.

Rueff has recently completed a successful 16 month leadership role, as part of the National Financial Committee, as Coordinating National Co-Chair for Technology for Obama (T4O). He is President of The GRAMMY Foundation and serves as board member for a number of well known technology companies in addition to 1 Page, including Glassdoor.com, HireVue and Rethink Books. During his career, he served in several leadership roles in the industry, like Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Electronic Arts (EA) from 1998 until 2005. He is also the co-author of the book Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business.

Mr. Rueff, why do you think 1-Page’s approach and product are disruptive in this market?

“The interaction between the first time a candidate and a company meets has always been the same – a declaration of history and an inspection of present and past. All we have ever explored has been where someone has come from and what they have done and we compare that with what we think we need in someone to get the job done that we have. But, what we really want to know is what someone can do and accomplish in the future! 1-Page provides that disruption and changes the interaction for what we are really trying to achieve.”

What makes 1-Page different from other HR techs solution providers?

“A simple but elegant technology platform that changes the conversation and interaction to be future focused and taps into the potential of what a candidate can bring to the company. Beyond this new form of matching, the idea-generation, unlocking of creativity both will be energizing to the candidate and the hiring manager. The 1-Page challenge provides the beginning of a true abilities, skill and potential based conversation and interview. Everything else and what we have done to date is just a regurgitation of the past.”

What drives your decision to join the Board?

“I’m in hunt of the technologies that can make us smarter and more successful in talent identification. I also want to be involved in talent solutions/HCM companies that level the playing field and allow for the candidate to have more control and say over how they are evaluated and perceived. 1-Page allows talent to show off who they really are, how they think, and what they can do. I want to be involved all day long with those technologies and companies!”

About 1-Page
Inefficiency in communication is rampant within and outside organizations in today’s business world. Companies struggle in hiring, motivating and retaining talent as well as in sourcing ideas, engaging customers and aligning strategy. 1-Page solves these inefficiencies providing the Enterprise Cloud-based platform that systemizes and gamifies the entire talent and idea management process. www.1-page.com