1-Page's CRO Karthik Manimozhi Appointed as a Judge for San Francisco Startup Weekend Event, September 27-29

As Chief Revenue Officer of 1-Page, Manimozhi is charged with leading 1-Page’s Strategic Business Development, Global Sales and Marketing. Prior to 1-Page, he served SAP for 13 years in various Sales and Business Development leadership roles across Europe, Middle-East and North America.

Manimozhi is passionate about technology, new ventures and ideas that can succeed in the marketplace and have a global impact. With such a strong background and passion for technologies that can change the world, he will be an inspiring judge for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend is a hands-on experience event that challenges actual and aspiring entrepreneurs to find out if their startup ideas are viable. Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. In an intense 54 hour deadline, attendees have to create and develop a business model and prototype to be pitched in front of the judges on Sunday night. The global network is powered by the Kaufman Foundation, Google for Entrepreneurs, Coca-Cola, .CO and Amazon Web Services.

Manimozhi had this advice to offer those who are pitching their technologies to the startup panel, “Start building your brand with paying customers, but blueprint your offerings for global markets from day one: Understand the problem you are solving and the compelling event driving that purchase, use that knowledge to segment your markets and focus on prospects most likely to buy, customize learning to local markets, be dynamic and do not pre-judge or stereotype markets and build a local ecosystem of trusted partners to carry out execution.”

1-Page, where Manimozhi is the Chief Revenue Officer, gamifies Talent Acquisition and Idea Management by creating challenges based on real time strategic objectives, thereby encouraging candidates to compete by writing a 1-Page Proposal. In a statement by Manimozhi he says, “1-Page was a good transition from my SAP background, selling solutions to enterprises and SMBs. Silicon Valley companies have a distinct advantagewhen it comes to understanding users and solving real-time problems. When they decide to focus on enterprises within B2B space, they will level field against the big vendors.Enterprises are recession-proof. They held 1 trillion dollars plus in cash during the height of economic slow-down and were actively investing in innovative solutions.”

Other trends, Manimozhi sees emerging in the technology space are game-focused. “Our popular culture is driven by competition – Top Chef, The Apprentice, Project Runway, Bachelor etc. Gamification drives a sense of value for the participants and a sense of accomplishment for the victors. 1-Page’s unique challenge to a proposal-format creates an emotional bond between the candidate and the company, leading to an unprecedented trust in engagement, like never before.”

About 1-Page
1-Page provides the Next Generation Cloud-based Enterprise Platform for talent acquisition and idea management. The platform gamifies the entire hiring process based on real time challenges and strategic objectives of the role. Companies can engage candidates to compete for jobs based on their ability to solve real challenges to achieve business strategic objectives. Candidates’ ability to innovate and solve the Challenge on 1-Page Proposal is at the core of the process. 1-Page Enterprise platform provides Social Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for hiring managers to source ideas and attract, engage and motivate the most talented workforce.