100 Year-Old Marine Engineering Company Selects CRG emPerform to Support Talent Growth Strategy

J.F. Brennan Company Inc. will rely on emPerform’s all-inclusive performance and talent management solution to help monitor the performance and development of their expanding workforce.

OTTAWA, ON: August 28, 2012 – J.F. Brennan Company Inc., an industry-leading marine construction, environmental remediation, and harbor services company, has selected CRG emPerform to help monitor the performance and development of their expanding workforce. J.F. Brennan will rely on emPerform’s all-inclusive performance and talent management suite to give managers and employees a real-time view of performance and the status of key development goals in order to effectively expand their talent base.

For almost 100 years, J.F. Brennan has operated in a niche market and, like many other unique and well-established companies, they rely heavily on the internal development and succession of highly specialized and tenured staff. “Our organization is expanding rapidly while at the same time experiencing high levels of turnover due to the retirement of key individuals,” said Bob Brague, director of human resources at J.F. Brennan. “We needed a better solution for conveying performance feedback during this period of succession and growth.”

Prior to selecting emPerform, J.F. Brennan used an out-of-the-box online appraisal tool that did not allow for in-depth performance analysis or the level of customization and flexibility that the company needed. J.F. Brennan will use emPerform’s robust reporting package to:

– help identify and focus on key performance trends that emerge
– leverage emPerform’s real-time feedback and goal status monitoring capabilities to allow managers and employees to communicate and track performance on a day-to-day basis

J.F. Brennan’s decision to choose emPerform as their vendor of choice was based on the product’s usability, strong reporting offering, and reasonable cost structure, with the ultimate factor being the configurability of the software to the company’s needs. “emPerform will help us leverage the need for continuous feedback and communication to employees as we attempt to grow people effectively,” continued Brague.

Although J.F. Brennan has a long history of success, they are constantly seeking ways to improve processes and reinforce their commitment to their workforce. Brague offers some key advice for other well-established organizations that might be hesitant to change their traditional approaches to talent management. “I would advise that companies always be open to facilitating communication between employees, managers and the organization as a whole. A focus on finding a product that assists in this vital communication delivery should be a strategic priority for all organizations regardless of legacy systems they might be tied to.”

emPerform has helped many companies modernize and reinvent their talent management processes in order to remain competitive in their market space. emPerform offers a full suite of online tools for automating performance appraisals, performance feedback, succession planning, and talent metrics.

About J.F. Brennan Company Inc.

J.F. Brennan Company Inc. is a marine construction and environmental remediation company that provides high-quality services to engineering, utility, railroad, paper mill, government, municipality, and harbor entities located throughout the inland waterways of the United States. Their services include dredging, diving, dam repairs, pile driving, railroad bridge repairs, in-situ capping, and more. They employ some of the nation’s most talented marine professionals, and pride themselves on their commitment to safety, quality, and the environment. Founded on the principles of hard work and innovation, Brennan has provided nearly 100 years of construction excellence. http://www.jfbrennan.com

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CRG emPerform is an all-inclusive performance and talent management software solution. This all-in-one suite includes robust functionality to simplify and automate core talent management processes, including: performance appraisals, compensation management, 360 reviews, succession planning, reporting and analytics, and introducing emPerform tagâ„¢ for year-round social performance feedback and journaling. CRG emPerform has a diverse customer base within sectors that include professional services, not-for-profits, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and public sector. For more information, visit www.employee-performance.com.

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