Month: July 2019

Expert Opinion: HR Tech & ATS

By HR Vendor News | July 3, 2019

Continuing with our expert opinion series, we contacted the leading ATS providers to know their views about how HR technology is bringing a positive change in the functionality of Applicant Tracking Systems. You might want to read their opinions. Roy Baladi Head of Marketplace Smart Recruiters HR tech reached a level of specialization that was… Releases ‘The DNA of Human Capital’ Report Revealing Twelve Critical Traits To Help Set HR On Its Future Path

By HR Vendor News | July 2, 2019

Jacksons Point, ON – For over three years, has helped human resources (HR) departments of all sizes keep their finger on the pulse of the industry, ensuring their organizations are maximizing the potential of their people. This newly released report, ‘The DNA of Human Capital: Trends Report 2019’, synthesizes many of the studies conducted…