Month: June 2020

Start Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s World

By HR Vendor News | June 29, 2020

Amid coronavirus, the world is facing uncertainty in all industries. Our lives have turned upside down in such a short interval of time. Nowadays, business expansion plans are replaced by a business continuity plan. Despite the despair and uncertainty in the atmosphere, some organizations are experiencing the highest-ever hiring demand while others are figuring out…

Free Webinar for Tech Recruiters Tired of Being Faked Out by Candidates

By HR Vendor News | June 25, 2020

June 25, 2020 – eTeki’s proud to present the webinar “How to Reduce Unqualified Profiles in Your Shortlist” for tech recruiters. The virtual learning session, conducted by industry veteran Sam Velu, will provide talent acquisition and staffing professionals with tips and tricks for how to maximize the phone screen to weed out fake resumes versus…

HR Is Facing Serious Skills Gaps that Need Attention, Especially Right Now – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | June 25, 2020

Although HR professionals tend to be highly educated, with 41% holding a master’s degree or higher, their professed areas of expertise do not often align well with today’s crisis. Whereas a majority consider themselves experts in the area of “employment, recruitment and placement,” relatively few say they have expertise in risk management or health and…

6 AI Developments in Recruitment to Follow in 2020

By HR Vendor News | June 24, 2020

Everyone is familiar with Artificial Intelligence these days. The results you get from AI are tempting, but a lot goes behind its working. Do you have an idea of how far we have come with this new technology? AI is soon going to become an indispensable part of every business process. You might agree with… Announces New Partnership with Thoughtexchange to Foster Collaboration and Connection, Empowering Professionals

By HR Vendor News | June 23, 2020

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada  –, the largest network of human resources (HR) executives and resource and education platform for HR, has announced their latest partnership with Thoughtexchange to bring about more engagement opportunities, community collaboration, and inclusive conversations at HR events, programs, and more.  Thoughtexchange’s innovative technology allows every person in the crowd to…

5 Tips to Hire An Emotionally Intelligent Candidate during COVID-19 Outbreak

By HR Vendor News | June 23, 2020

I am wondering how some people seem to have an unlimited amount of success both in their personal and professional lives. This is because they possess high Emotional Intelligence. A crisis can emerge in many different forms, and it often strikes without warning. Many big organizations have formulated contingency plans for emergencies like COVID-19. With…

InfoMart Debuts SymTem, a Daily COVID-19 Screening Solution for Symptom & Temperature Assessments

By HR Vendor News | June 23, 2020

Atlanta, GA – June 23, 2020 – InfoMart announces SymTem, an app that enables employees and contractors to complete a daily COVID-19 symptom survey and temperature check before being issued a digital work-ready badge. Powered by InfoMart’s 30+ years of experience as a leader in global background screening and identity verification services, SymTem is the…

Expectations for HR are Higher than Ever Before – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | June 22, 2020

Even before the current coronavirus pandemic, most human resources (HR) professionals were unprepared to thrive in the future. Now that the crisis has hit, more is demanded from HR than at any other time in history. The free research report, The Future of the HR Function 2020, is now available for download.’s Research Institute…

Top 3 Tips to Redefine HR Technology 2020

By HR Vendor News | June 19, 2020

Half of 2020 is gone. But why am I still talking about it? That’s because we never expected something like COVID-19 that has hit us hard since the beginning of this year. HR professionals are now wondering which can be the best decisions to be taken by the HR teams. As the marketing head of a…

Organizations’ Struggle with Diversity and Inclusion is Real – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | June 18, 2020

Only 23% of human resources (HR) professionals view their own company’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices in the “advanced” or “vanguard” stages of D&I maturity.  Further, of those with direct responsibility for D&I, only 16% say more than half of their role is allocated to that function. The free research report, State of Diversity &…