4 Unique Employee Benefit Programs That Improve Retention

4 Unique Employee Benefit Programs That Improve Retention

In the quest to uncover the most effective employee benefits for retention, we’ve gathered insights from top HR leaders, including a TA Manager and a Chief People Officer. From the impact of quarterly on-sites to the loyalty fostered by wellness programs and sabbaticals, explore the four unique benefits that have made a real difference in their organizations.

  • Quarterly On-Sites Boost Retention
  • Flexible Work Benefit Enhances Engagement
  • Team Workations Retain Talent
  • Wellness Program and Sabbaticals Increase Loyalty

Quarterly On-Sites Boost Retention

Our company-sponsored quarterly on-sites are a unique benefit that has helped improve retention. Retention is tricky when you first start a company, which is why we invested in having an on-site program in place since day one. This benefit gives our team a chance to come together, reflect on our achievements, set ambitious goals, and strengthen our bonds.

Every start-up goes through its ups and downs, and these on-sites were extremely beneficial while we were in fundraising mode. It was great to meet as a team to go over how we were going to execute and meet our goals to take the company to the next level.

I love this benefit because it’s a great way to build company culture but also gives people the chance to explore cities that they’ve never seen.

To enhance your employee benefits program, I would solicit employee feedback from your workforce, not just in employee engagement surveys, but also during new hire onboarding and annual review season. Review season is a great way to up-level your employees, but it also allows companies to look internally at how they can improve their employee benefits program.

Given that our product helps companies distribute meaningful benefits like LSAs and Wellness Stipends, our internal commitment to providing unique and impactful employee benefits is ingrained in our DNA.

Lauren OrtizLauren Ortiz
Ta Manager & People Operations, Benepass

Flexible Work Benefit Enhances Engagement

We are a hybrid work environment in that we ask employees to work on-site at our corporate headquarters a minimum of two days per week. During the pandemic in 2022, we experienced an increase in turnover. In analyzing the employee exit data, one of the main reasons cited was the lack of flexibility for 100% remote work during the year.

We implemented a new flexible work benefit where employees can work remotely from anywhere in the world for two weeks of the year (the last week of August and the last week of December) when utilization in our corporate offices is lowest. Implementing this new policy has had a direct impact on our ability to attract and retain talent, increase levels of employee engagement, and decrease facilities and operational costs.

Monique JeffersonMonique Jefferson
Chief People Officer, Community Preservation Corporation

Team Workations Retain Talent

Companies now offer unique employee benefits outside traditional healthcare or retirement plans, and are offering creative ways to attract and retain talent.

At Internxt, we provide team workations where the team can all get together and enjoy different team-building activities to build relationships outside of a remote setting. We also offer flexible working hours to increase productivity, and employees can work at times that suit them. These perks show employees they’re valued as individuals, fostering a positive work-life balance and a sense of community, ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Mia NaumoskaMia Naumoska
CMO, Internxt

Wellness Program and Sabbaticals Increase Loyalty

A comprehensive wellness program tailored to the needs and interests of our employees definitely puts our company in the employees’ good graces. Recognizing the importance of employee well-being beyond traditional healthcare benefits, we implemented initiatives such as on-site fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, healthy snack options, and flexible work arrangements to promote work-life balance.

This approach enhanced employee morale and satisfaction, and fostered a sense of community and support within the organization. As a result, we observed a notable decrease in turnover rates and an increase in employee engagement and productivity.

Moreover, we implemented a novel sabbatical program that allowed employees to take extended periods of paid time off for personal development, travel, or pursuing passion projects. This program provided employees with the opportunity to recharge and pursue their interests outside of work without the fear of sacrificing their careers. Because of this, employees felt valued and appreciated, leading to greater loyalty and commitment to the organization.

Michael HurwitzMichael Hurwitz
CEO and Co-Founder, Careers in Government

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