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5 Best Global Job Boards for Fast Hiring

Job Boards are the search engine used by the recruiters to advertise their job vacancies

Advertising your job ads to the right job boards is the first step to attract qualified candidates. But how can you decide which job board is valuable to you? Making the right choice is important for employers. Surprisingly, 80% of jobs are not posted online.

Several job boards made their mark this year. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best job boards of 2019.

NextJob: It was founded in 2007 and built by a team of experts in different sectors. NextJob also provides one-on-one coaching and learning through multimedia. Its offers solution for lenders, state workforce programs, schools, employers and emphasizes on effectiveness, and strong ROI.

Peoplefy: Peoplefy manages end-to-end recruitment services for its clients globally. It simplifies the talent needs of leading recruitment firms with ease. Peoplefy has proven itself in providing a range of remarkable and trusted recruitment services.

HigherED Jobs: HigherEDJobs is an expert in leading sources for jobs and career information in academia. HigherEDjobs is a central informative place on the web for higher education where employers and professionals to connect.

DK Global Recruitment LTD: DK Global Recruitment LTD is based out in Dublin, which operates mainly in the European Market. The company is an expert in multilingual jobs (BPO) in the field of recruitment and also provides external sourcing, in-depth candidate selection, and pre-screening. Upward helps to deliver valuable information to job seekers and the perfect candidate for an employer. It has an expert data-driven and experienced team which changes the way of hiring.

It is important for the job board to provide an amazing candidate experience. Candidate expects an easy go on filling the job applications on your website. With the innovation of technology such as resume parser, candidates can upload their resumes, and the parser will fetch the details from the resumes automatically. This speeds up the application submission process.