5 Factors that Define the New Normal After COVID-19

Millions of jobs and companies have been staggered due to nationwide lockdown. Undoubtedly, the economy will rise again, and organizations will resume. In this, the overall recruitment industry is set to undergo changes post normalization and find a few innovative ways to attract, hire, and retain new talent.

What I believe is that there is a gap between new business needs and talent management. To remove this gap, AI-based talent management platforms would play a pivotal role. But how will recruitment planning look like after COVID-19?

Read on to find how talent acquisition can prepare itself for the road ahead.

Introduce Recruitment Software:

When you start hiring after COVID-19, use HR technology to find the perfect candidate and shortlist candidates quickly by using a resume parser api. This solution will extract candidate information from resumes and save the data into pre-designed fields such as education, skills, experience, contact details, etc. This will save time and bring automation into your recruitment process. There are many other technologies like search and match engine that provides you similar matching recommendations for resumes/jobs Such kind of techniques will help HR professionals to fasten their recruitment process.

Build Talent Pool Online:

Due to COVID-19, your hiring efforts might be limited right now. Build a talent pool and keep candidates engaged with relevant communication. The best option to connect with potential candidates is through social media. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will help you to tailor your messages in the right direction so that you can source candidates in a short time. Here are a few ideas for HR professionals to get a good start.

a). Use the right hashtags to draw the attention of candidates.

b). Use the various paid options offered by different social media platforms to boost your job post.

c). Ensure that your social media pages are optimized and can be found in search results.

These steps will help you to ramp up your hiring again. This talent pool will also help you in the future whenever you look for candidates.

Focus on Promoting Job Security and Growth:

When you start hiring after COVID-19, remember to focus on promoting long-term job security and opportunities for the growth of an individual. This is the main thing candidates will be looking for in the time of the economic downturn. It is essential to build job security if you are trying to attract candidates during the recession. Promote job security, growth in your job profile, and timely communication will ease the candidates’ concerns about the future.

Maintain a Powerful Employer Brand:

Employer branding is imperative for organizations’ marketing and recruiting efforts. Post COVID-19, it is going to be more significant. This will define your brand for decades to come. So, pull up your socks to improve your employer branding by using various strategies. This will help an organization to find, attract, and hire the perfect applicant for the organization.

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Introduce Diversity and Inclusion:

It is easy to forget about diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process when you have ‘n’ number of applicants lined up to work for your organization. During this economic downturn, if you want to continue in building a productive, engaged workforce, you must look for diverse talent and create an inclusive culture within your organization.

In this challenging time, organizations must adopt new strategies to survive and thrive during the recession. Now, the recruitment process will have a different face than it was in 2019. This recovery will take some time, and to survive in this storm; you must be agile and ready for anything to come.


Source: https://bit.ly/3fv1HQH