(Lincoln, Nebr.) – Global Talent Day, is Monday, August 6.

While Talent Plus, Inc.(R), (founders of this day) is in Lincoln, Nebraska, they work with individuals all over the globe and are not limiting the celebration to Nebraska. Their office in Singapore will be celebrating as well and Talent Plus is encouraging all of their client partners across the globe to join in celebrating Global Talent Day! You, too, can join in the celebration. Celebrate with your family, or perhaps a not for profit where you work or volunteer, or where you work. What’s important is to celebrate what you’re good at and what others do well. This is a day of making people feel significant!

“What we need more than ever today is the ability to see what is good about others – what they do well,” offered Doug Rath, Talent Plus Chairman. “Having the opportunity to have your talent identified at a young age, offers an opportunity to pursue those talents over a lifetime – an opportunity to have a fulfilling career; to feel significant and create that feeling of significance for others. This definitely creates a ripple in organizations and communities.”

Want to know more about your talent? Log on to www.globaltalentday.com and take the assessment! This online assessment has been created to help us better learn about your natural talents and abilities. The questions draw from a wide range of your experiences at home, school, organizations and work. When you reach the end of the assessment, you will receive an interactive online Talent Card(R) highlighting your top three talents.

Dr. William E. Hall, grandfather of positive psychology and co-founder of Talent Plus, believed every person has talent. He spent his career focused on individuals’ strengths and wondering, “What would the world be like if everyone had the opportunity to know what they were good at and could spend more time engaged
in those things?” We encourage the world to come together Monday, August 6. Celebrate what you are good at and celebrate what those around you do well! You’ll see people differently and it just might change your perspective. We hope so. Everyone wants to feel significant and when you feel the most significant is when you’re recognized for things you do well and enjoy. When individuals feel significant, it changes things – families get better, organizations get better and take better care of their end users – whether patients, customers or guests.

Join us in celebrating. For more information: www.globaltalentday.com or call 1.800.VARSITY

About Talent Plus
Talent Plus, Inc. is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner(R) in the industry and an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 20 languages. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Talent Plus also has an office in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.talentplus.com.