A Fresh Approach to Skyrocket Your Passion & Power in the New Economy

TAMPA, FL — In an upcoming live webinar, speaker and coach Kathy Eppley will help you delivers results! She is a master teacher who enables her clients and audiences to quickly breakthrough limits and achieve far beyond what they ever imagined.

Some people may ask why is AccuScreen offering a webinar like this one? Kevin Connell explains, “Well, over the past 3 years, when the financial bubble burst, the economy receded, layoffs began…so did many people’s mindsets, where before people had certainty, many now have uncertainty about their future, and things have hit people financially, a spouse may have lost a job, others got behind on a mortgage payments, stress and pressure has been present like never before, but there is hope.”

“Not surprisingly, many people’s mindsets are wounded, their self esteem is low where it was once high, think of this presentation and discussion as one important step to help people’s mindset, get their heads uncluttered with all of the negative news that the media pounds us with, and this webinar is designed to help a small business owner as well as someone who may be a mid level manager at a corporation, whether you are an entrepreneur, an HR manger, an employee, etc. this is FOR YOU!”

Discover the Secrets of Astounding Results That Will Enable You to …

• Shatter the Glass Ceiling of Limitation in Your Mind Including All the Doubt, Fear, Excuses and Self Sabotage Holding You Back!

• Set and Achieve Big Goals Regardless of Circumstances & Market Conditions!

• Build Powerful New Beliefs & Gain the Clarity, Confidence & Certainty to Reach Amazing New Levels of Productivity!

• Re-Energize, Re-Ignite & Re-Vitalize Your Business

Bob Proctor, legendary transformational expert, author, speaker and featured teacher in the hit movie and bestselling book, THE SECRET said it best when he summed up the impact and results Kathy Eppley delivers to her audiences and clients… “Circumstances and conditions will melt away; put this program to work, it’s like taking money to the bank!”

To register for this unique webinar “A Fresh Report to Skyrocket Your Passion & Power in the New Economy,” visit: http://www.AccuScreen.com/media/webinars. The webinar hosts will provide free advice and challenge the audiences to think bigger than they ever have before, to engage their passion and to play life full-out.

Kevin G. Connell is a renowned professional background screening expert; he is recognized for his expertise on employment background screening, criminal record checks, workplace fraud, embezzlement, employee theft, resume fraud and negligent hiring in the workplace. He is widely quoted and has been featured on television, including ABC-TV ‘Money Matters,’ the Fox News Channel and has been interviewed on more than 126 live talk radio programs.

Kathy Eppley is a law of attraction expert business transformation coach and dynamic speaker who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, solo-professionals and real estate professionals break through barriers to high six figure success.

Her passion is helping business owners and individuals raise the bar and stretch to attract the money and success they really want and deserve, and have the time and energy to live with passion, fully engaging in all aspects of their lives.

Kathy had a former career as an English Teacher and also spent over twenty years in Residential Real Estate Sales & Marketing as an Agent and Broker before founding Astound Yourself! Coaching/Consulting in 2011. Kathy resides in Texas with her two dogs, Patch and Dallas, and two cats, Sasha and Sammy.

About AccuScreen.com: AccuScreen.com’s provides criminal background check services, can run credit checks, verify professional credentials, driving record histories, social security numbers, and perform other essential pre-employment screening services. AccuScreen.com reports are delivered to companies across the world in 2-72 hours.

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