AccuScreen CEO to Pull Back Curtain on Employee Criminal Background Checks During December 19th Webinar: Insider Secrets of Criminal Background Checks

Kevin Connell CEO of employment background screening firm will present his last presentation of the year with “Insider Secrets of Criminal Background Checks” on Wednesday December 19th 2012. This complimentary webinar begins at 11:00 AM EST (8:00 Pacific).

Connell will dispel common myths about the employee criminal background check process and will examine best practices of performing employee criminal checks in today’s workplace.

There are only limited supplies of complimentary admissions for this presentation; those interested in attending are advised to register quickly, as space is limited.

Registration is limited to 1 person per company.

Registration can be done online here:

This program has been approved for one (1) re-certification credit hour toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR re-certification through the HR Certification Institute.

This is the last webinar of the year from for HR executives to get HRCI re-certification credits for maintaining credentials as either a PHR, SPHR or GPHR.

Connell will pull back the curtain on :

– What can you really get online?

– Does Google search everything?

– Who is policing the Internet for accuracy?

– Can you find out everything about somebody on the web?

– What is the deep web and how does that differ from the surface and the invisible web?

– What should hiring managers know when doing any type of research on the web?

– How do you know what is a “real” and what is “fake”?

– How has the web changed over the past 20 years and how is this relevant to performing an employee criminal background check today?

– What is the difference between the private and public sector criminal background databases?

– What is “Ban the Box” and why this is important when I run a new employee background check?

Connell will provide the answers to these questions as well as those submitted by attendees in this “live” webinar.

Insider Secrets of Criminal background Checks will also cover what companies need to know about the new federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as it begins its new role as the chief enforcer of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) next month.

There are new FCRA forms that must be used effective January 1, 2013.

Each attendee will get a complimentary fact sheet on the CFPB as well as a copy of the new FCRA forms to be in compliance for 2013.

“Safety and security have always been top priorities in the workplace, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT with the deplorable actions of a lone gunman that resulted in the heartbreaking deaths of 20 innocent children and 6 adults” Connell said.

“People want certainty in their lives, and one way of predicting an individual’s future performance is their past behavior. What happens in the workplace mirrors what is happening in society, and to hiring managers, this is an area of concern, companies cannot afford to make a hiring mistake.”

About Kevin Connell

Mr. Connell is a renowned professional background screening expert, he served as Director on the first Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS); he is recognized for his expertise on employee criminal background checks, negligent hiring, embezzlement, occupational fraud, employee theft, and resume fraud. Connell has spoken at numerous business, security & human resources conferences, including twice providing testimony before the Florida Supreme Court. He is widely quoted, is the author of the Business Guide to Background Checks, and has been featured on television, including Fox News and ABC News. Connell’s business experience spans over a quarter of a century, he has been the CEO of since 1994.

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