CEO to Reveal Secrets of Open Source Intelligence with Investigators Nationwide

TAMPA, FL April 26, 2014 – Kevin Connell will be speaking at the annual meeting of the Association of Investigative Managers (AIM) on April 28th in Orlando, Fl. He will be delivering his popular “Open Source Intelligence for Investigators” presentation, revealing advanced Internet research and investigative skills essential for all levels of the business enterprise, especially for those involved in the field of investigation.
Connell will illustrate, in layman’s terms, the most current, comprehensive and cutting-edge Internet research techniques available today. Failure to use these techniques results in many valuable sources of intelligence going unknown and untapped. The fact is, acquiring useful and relevant Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) requires much more than just the ability to surf the Web.
“Finding precisely what an investigator needs on the Internet isn’t as simple as inserting a few keywords and ‘Googling it’.” Connell said. “Most people don’t know what they don’t know about doing online research and miss far more relevant information than they find. In the process, they waste a lot of time and energy getting to the information that is relevant to their investigation. I’ll show attendees how to go off the beaten path and develop a new range of powerful skill sets. My end goal is to make attendees more effective and efficient online, getting to the heart of what they need and saving valuable time in the process.”
Attendees will learn how to:
– Conduct due diligence using the Web efficiently and effectively
– Find more information in less time when online, and make better sense of it
– Create advanced searches on popular search engines, as well as Meta Search engines
– Search public record sources and mine social networking sites
– Analyze the information they find and distinguish between reliable and unreliable information
– Narrow research and focus on the best resources
– Locate information on an individual or business
Attendees will leave with:
1) Renewed confidence in their Internet search know-how
2) The ability to find more useful & relevant information in less time
3) An advanced ability to conduct Web searches that are legal and compliant
This how-to presentation will explain step-by-step procedures required in conducting Internet searches, providing up-to-date screenshots of each website used for visual reference. It will also feature tips, insider secrets, checklists, examples and “real world” case studies that will help attendees find information that was once unavailable and unreachable. Ultimately, the ability to find deep and hidden websites that return key intelligence while being in compliance with the law and privacy consideration is a necessary skill for anyone in the field of investigation and protection.
About Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell is the CEO and Founder of a global background screening firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida since 1994. He served as Director on the first Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Mr. Connell is recognized for his expertise on Open Source Intelligence and Background Checks. He has provided research and testimony as an expert witness in court cases. He was on the adjunct faculty of the University of South Florida for over a decade. He has spoken at numerous business, security and human resources conferences, including twice providing testimony before the Florida Supreme Court. He is widely quoted, is a published author, and has been featured on television, including Fox News and ABC News. Connell’s business experience spans over a quarter of a century.
Established 20 years ago in 1994, has been an industry pioneer, leader and expert in employment background screening, specializing in criminal background checks. Its reports are delivered to companies across the world accurately and quickly with turnaround times from instantly to 72 hours.
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