Advos Announces Slack Integration and BETA Release of Sales Pulse Tool

APTOS, Calif., August XX, 2019 — Advos, a provider of strategic marketing software, has completed an integration with the messaging platform Slack to meet the real-time demands of today’s marketers. Additionally, advos has also released a beta version of Sales Pulse, a tool that delivers real-time intelligence about sales prospects.

The Slack integration means advos HR and Workplace Edition customers can post in real-time, or schedule, messages without moving from one application to another. This includes content posted to groups within advos’ popular advocacy and collaboration tool.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers be more strategic and productive,” said Mark Willaman, founder of advos. “Integrating with Slack allows our customers to collaborate with marketing team members on important information in a more timely and efficient manner — whether it’s about a new speaking or other visibility opportunity or about content to help amplify their brand.”

Sales Pulse is an innovative tool that notifies sales representatives when prospects in their CRM pipeline are mentioned in social conversations related to HR conferences or in HR-related news articles and blogs. Advos monitors tens of thousands of content and news sources related to HR and the workplace. Aligning this data with customers’ CRMs is another timely and strategic way to leverage this data, helping them grow their business.

IBM Watson Talent Outbound Sales Enablement Leader Ewing Gillaspy, an early BETA user, says, “Whether it’s a quote in an article, a tweet about diversity, or attending a conference, Sales Pulse sends insights straight to our sales reps’ inboxes based on territory assignments. Our reps can quote the person they are contacting, making cold emails become warm and current.”

Sales Pulse joins the growing number of tools available for sellers. Many suffer from poor adoption, however, because sales professionals have zero extra time to spend on activities that may or may not work.

“Recruiters and sellers are swamped with tools that require the user to click, read, click again, read, and keep clicking their way in hope of a successful outcome,” Willaman said. “That simply doesn’t scale. Sales Pulse is different because the insights come straight to your sales team members’ inboxes, and they are immediately actionable.”

The Slack integration and Sales Pulse BETA release come less than a month after advos added a number of other new features and upgrades as part of a major release. These included a robust social sharing tool, hashtag reports, awards notifications, vendor listings, a podcast directory, enhanced conference profiles and an improved trending data algorithm.

About advos

Advos HR/workplace edition is strategic marketing software that provides information and tools that help organizations make more people aware of their company and content. It includes a Collaboration and Advocacy platform that makes it easy for companies and their team members to work together to amplify the company brand, as well as Marketing Planning, Business Intelligence and Social Marketing.