Affintus Introduces On-Demand Pre-Hire Assessment Solution. Trial Accounts, Monthly Pricing Enable Better Hiring Decisions at Lower Cost

Austin, TX – October 3, 2013 – Affintus announces that its cloud-based pre-hire assessment solution is now available on-demand, delivering a cost-effective way for companies to evaluate all candidates who apply for a job.

Affintus helps companies make better hiring decisions by matching candidates to jobs based on cognitive, work style and work cultural preferences. Affintus has a unique assessment system that can be used to benchmark top performers so that all candidates are compared to those employees who perform well. If a company does not have an employee to benchmark, it can use one of the 1,000 standardized job benchmarks Affintus provides to create job listings.

Job candidates only complete the assessment once and are automatically matched to jobs based on a proprietary algorithm that includes 19 dimensions. The Affintus Match Report shows how well each candidate matches the job demands; strong job match candidates are visually identified as green candidates. To complement this data, Affintus provides custom behavioral interview questions that the hiring company can use for each candidate assessed. Affintus customers automatically build a talent pool that they can explore for job matches with future job listings.

“I think I undervalued how much time we spent weeding through job applicants in the past,” said John Jordan, CEO of BusinesSuites. “Affintus automatically identifies our highly qualified candidates, which enables us to spend time focusing on those candidates instead of using our time to filter out the unqualified ones. And, we can be confident that the people we do hire are a better fit for our company and the job long term. Affintus delivers the data we need to make better hiring decisions in less time.”

The new Affintus on-demand hiring solution allows HR, recruiters and hiring managers to create a free account and experience all the benefits Affintus provides whenever they need it. Free account benefits include:
– Use of the Affintus hiring solution for 30 days at no cost
– Unlimited number of job listings
– Access to more than 1,000 standardized job benchmarks
– Benchmark ideal employees and compare applicants to them
– Assessment of an unlimited number of candidates and employees
– Automatic identification of candidates that match job benchmarks
– Behavioral interview questions tailored to each candidate

The on-demand version of Affintus is based on a monthly pay-per-use model, allowing users to pay online with a credit card only when they have a job opening and need to assess candidates.

“Hiring decisions are one of the most important, if not the most important, decision companies make,” said Paula Soileau, co-founder and CEO of Affintus. “We have been helping companies assess candidates for more than five years, and this new, on-demand version of Affintus allows us to share our hiring solution with anyone who cares about the people they hire and wants to improve their ability to make better hiring decisions. With Affintus they reduce cost and improve new hire performance.”

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About Affintus
Affintus matches job candidates with the highest likelihood of success to open positions at companies looking to build a culture of top performers. Company-specific job formulas measure candidates in 19 dimensions in the areas of cognitive ability, personality and work culture. Matching people with jobs that fit their natural traits, abilities and desires results in increased employee productivity and satisfaction and decreased risk of bad hiring decisions and turnover for the company. Affintus can be used for hiring, promotions and career path development.