AFIMAC Donates Bus to Help Fire and Police Train to Save Lives

AFIMAC donates bus to help the Halton Regional Police and the Oakville Fire Department train for emergencies. Local families can be confident knowing their local fire and police departments will be well trained for unexpected emergencies, thanks to AFIMAC’s generous donation. This is AFIMAC’s second donation of a bus to the local fire and police departments.

“This donation is going to help them achieve a greater quality of service for the citizens in the event of a coach bus fire, as well as improve their training for hostage rescue situations,” says Desmond Taljaard, senior vice president of operations. “All around it will improve the quality of service that both the fire and police departments will be able to deliver to the public and AFIMAC is honoured to assist with that.”

With this contribution the police department will be able to increase their training for tactical response and hostage releases; while the fire departments will be able to sharpen their fire extraction skills from coach bus fires.

“We really appreciate this gesture as it will greatly improve our training,” said Sergeant Bruce Dickson.


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