AFIMAC Offers Active Shooter Training to Businesses at No Charge

AFIMAC will release a full version of its active shooter online course in February 2013. Earlier this month, AFIMAC released a simulated active shooter incident with expert tips for the public that was created for its full training course. The video and registration for the active shooter course can be found at

“Given the unfortunate increasing frequency in which mass shootings or active shooters are entering places of business, AFIMAC decided to offer a practical online course,” says Peter Martin, AFIMAC Global CEO. “This course compliments our other focused courses that are related to high risk terminations, executive protection, travel security and overall corporate security.”

The course began development in October of 2012 and will be released in February 2013. AFIMAC has offered elite security and risk management services for over thirty years through out North and South America.

“We released the short video to the public with expert tips, and are also offering a full active shooter online course to businesses at no cost for a time.” says Martin. “It wasn’t our initial intention, but we feel a certain responsibility being recognized as security experts to arm the public with this education.”


AFIMAC Global is a leader in the provision of comprehensive corporate security and contingency planning services through North and South America and also offers global services. Its diverse capabilities include executive protection, labor dispute planning & response, cargo security & escorts, disaster & emergency response, corporate investigations, workplace violence assessment & response. With a distinguished management team and highly skilled personnel, AFIMAC Global is well known for its high quality service delivery and immediate responsiveness.

For media inquiries, please contact Stephen Anderson, AFIMAC, 1-800-313-9170