AI and Recruitment: A Perfect Match for Perfect Results

The role of AI in recruitment

AI is growing at a fast pace and becoming essential for every business category. Many business categories are witnessing a simplified functionality, and the recruitment industry is not an exception.

AI in recruitment holds a vital role to streamline and automate a few sections of recruitment. Recruiters can not only save time but also develop a good relationship with the candidate.

This is why the use of AI is one of the key recruitment trends for 2020.
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Imagine what would happen if your recruitment team didn’t have to spend time screening candidates’ resumes one-by-one, scheduling interviews, etc.

Instead, they could concentrate on the candidate skills, which will eventually give them an edge over the competition. The ideal process of identifying candidate couldn’t have been possible without AI.

Real use cases of AI in recruitment

New technologies are popping up every minute. In this environment of high-speed competition, you can have a cost-effective business by adopting such innovations. The need to collect, sort, and analyze candidate information can only be accomplished through automation.

Let’s talk more about the real use cases of AI in recruitment. Let’s see how it will impact and bring transformation to business outcomes.

Candidate screening

In this digital age, if we talk about technology, there is software available in abundance and can be used to find out the right fit. Manual screening of resume is still a time-consuming part for recruiters, the software can easily streamline the candidate screening process.

ATS with resume parser is one of the smartest tools which has given a new face to the recruitment process. It parses candidates’ resume, extracts the information and saves it in the fields created for the skills, experience, contact details, etc. This will take off the burden of the recruitment team by making candidate screening easy.

Candidate matching

What will you do if you select a candidate for a job position, but he doesn’t turn up at work? Will you go through the candidate screening process again and spend time on it? There are many AI-powered recruiting solutions that can save this extra time.
Use matching tools that can provide you similar recommendations for resumes/jobs. With such recommendations readily available, you can shortlist another candidate quickly matching the resume you already selected.

Resume update

Have a database of passive resumes but wondering how to convert them into potential candidates? AI can refresh your old resume database by providing updated candidate information fetched through their social profiles.
Also, there are AI tools that can help you in verifying candidate information. Go to a marketplace or find out apps to get this service which will speed up your recruitment process.


Recruiters can use chatbots which is an amazing way to engage the candidates. These chatbots provide an excellent candidate experience by giving prompt replies to candidates’ questions, offering regular updates about their application status, and asking relevant questions to shortlist them for a job position.
Bots are also capable of filling the gaps in resumes and provide complete information to recruiters to understand whether a candidate can fit in.

Benefits of using AI in recruitment

Here are the key benefits of using AI in Recruitment:

The use of AI in recruitment can help recruiters and HR professionals:

Benefit #1: Remove bias

With the help of AI and automation, candidates are screened based on their experience and skills, which reduces biases in recruitment. This will provide an equal chance for every candidate to apply for the job opening.

Benefit #2: Speed up the hiring process

Automation broadens the scope of hiring and makes it faster. Interaction with the candidates through chatbots gives a boost to the candidate experience and streamlines the process.

Benefit #3: Provide cost-effective hiring

Whenever you hire any candidate, you want to be sure that you are hiring the right candidate or right fit for the position. It will reduce the turnoveby hiring the right candidate and will save investment in training, bonus and other expenses of the new member.

Benefit #4: Improve the quality of hire

Now, recruiters can collect data of each candidate and can evaluate the candidate more effectively. Selecting the right applicant from the talent pool is one of the essential steps.

Benefit #5: Automation to save time

Analyzing a significant amount of data through software only needs a few seconds which provides an acceptable result.

Benefit #6: Focus on value-adding activities

Candidate sourcing can be automated with the help of AI, which allows recruiters to focus on the other aspects of the department less on non-value adding activities. Automation will also increase individual performance and morale.

Myths about the use of AI in recruiting

Don’t you feel that every innovation comes with the few myths? Humans are always hesitated to accept the change.

Here we will debunk the top 4 myths of AI which are buzzing around nowadays.

AI myth #1: AI will replace recruiters

With the growth of AI in HR, professionals fear that their jobs might be at risk in the future. However, this myth is not valid. AI software is designed to help humans not to replace them.

Automation work like a human to check the potential fit on behalf of recruiters. It must be noted that the final decision of hiring will reside with the manager only.

AI myth #2: Dependency on machine language

Human Intelligence is now totally dependent on AI. But this myth is invalidated because automation is only implemented to reduce the workload and to simplify the lives of recruiters.

AI myth #2: A workplace full of robots

This is another myth that has to be debunked. AI is a complete language that is programmed to work in the background. Involving Artificial Intelligence doesn’t mean imagining robots to resolve the problems.

AI myth #2: Same learning

Both Humans and AI have different abilities to learn. AI learning is totally dependent on the programming is done by the developers only and human learning is natural. This is a myth that has to be deflated.

Conclusion: AI plays a pivotal role in the improvement of the recruitment process

Don’t you feel that every company has one common goal, i.e., to hire top talent in the market? I am wondering that AI in recruitment will have a new space in the upcoming years.

However, AI plays a pivotal role in the improvement of the recruitment process and will keep upgrading with different tools.

With the many benefits available in the context of various recruitment tasks, the recruiters are now ready to cultivate a positive and advanced candidate experience.