Alere Wellbeing Releases Quit For Life(R) Mobile App Free Quit Smoking App Now Available from Developers of the Nation's Most Effective Tobacco Cessation Program

SEATTLE, Wash. – (July 31, 2013) – Tobacco users looking for a pocket-friendly version of a smoking cessation program now have access to the Quit For Life(R) mobile app. The free app provides smartphone users with a downloadable tool that supports them throughout the quit process, helping them set a Quit Date, identify reasons for quitting, and conquer cravings once they’ve quit. The app is available to consumers on both iTunes and Google Play.

The Quit For Life(R) mobile app is designed to supplement Alere Wellbeing’s Quit For Life(R) Program, the nation’s leading tobacco cessation phone- and web-based coaching program, and bolster participants’ efforts to achieve a successful quit. The program is offered to more than 675 health plans and employers, including 75 Fortune 500 companies, and has an average participant quit rate of 47 percent.

“We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our mobile application,” said Jenny Hapgood, Vice President of Product Development for Alere Wellbeing. “For more than 25 years, we’ve helped people quit smoking. Now, we’ve leveraged this experience to create an app that provides motivational support and proven behavioral strategies to help people quit for good.”

Quit For Life(R) app features include:

 Setting A Quit Date: Setting a quit date reinforces a tobacco user’s commitment to quit.
 Selecting Reasons to Quit: Users can choose reasons to quit that are meaningful to them.
 Calculating Savings: Pre-quit, app users can calculate savings after 30 days, six months and one year based on average cost and usage data. Post-quit, the cost savings calculator tallies actual money saved.
 Counting “Time Quit”: The app tracks – to the minute – how many smoke-free days have passed since giving up tobacco.
 Supporting Urge Management: Tobacco users experiencing urges can use this feature to find distractions – listening to music, calling a friend, taking a walk – to help pass the three- to five-minute time frame an urge generally lasts.

“We developed the features of the mobile application to support our program’s effectiveness,” Hapgood said. “Research suggests people have more success quitting smoking for good if they take deliberate steps such as setting a quit date and making a plan for dealing with urges. The app mimics our evidence-based coaching program and makes it available on the go – anytime and anywhere.”

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