Annual Enrollment 2014 Ending While Questions Remain

Annual Enrollment 2014 Ending While Questions Remain

WEST DES MOINES, IA – Companies, individuals, and state and federal government agencies are preparing for Annual Enrollment 2014 to come to a close. When the enrollment period ends, the public will be left with many unanswered questions and in search of clarity when it comes to benefits. Businessolver, a company for mid to large-market employers is bridging that gap, answering those questions and changing the way people view, think about and enroll in benefits.

“The public has heard a lot of negativity about health care coverage and benefits enrollment thanks to technical challenges with the website,” said Jon Shanahan, Businessolver President and CEO. “It’s not all doom and gloom out there and people are getting the coverage they need, easily accessing it on systems like Benefitsolver. Even though they’re enrolling they might not understand what they have access to and are being offered. Studies show people put buying insurance in the same category as planning their own funeral so we know we have some work ahead of us in helping change that perception.”

Recently Businessolver experienced a second consecutive week of multi-million system page hits on its unique benefits platform, Benefitsolver. This enrollment tool has helped over 1 million people gain coverage for health benefits over the last four weeks. Next week, the company expects these numbers to rise as many companies plan on ending their enrollment period.

Shanahan said Businssolver anticipated and spent months of planning to be ready for the heavy system traffic, “People want answers and they want them quickly. Our customer-driven culture relies on fast facts and information at our fingertips. Businessolver has adapted to meet those needs. Our system platform is able to handle heavy traffic and our team is able to provide timely, accurate information for users.” Businessolver experienced one of its heaviest traffic days on a Sunday helping enroll nearly 40,000 in benefits during a 24-hour period.

The company has an on-site Service Center and dedicated live chat team that has experienced a 68% increase in chats since this time last year. Shanahan understands that being nimble 24-7 is important. “We are a society that thrives on immediate gratification and tangible results every day of the week. We want to create an educated consumer who understands their benefit value so they are able to make thoughtful choices,” said Shanahan. “Just because someone is enrolling in benefits doesn’t mean they know what they have and how it will work. We feel it is important to bridge the gap, empower the consumer and provide them the tools, technology and information they need when it comes to their benefits.”


Businessolver is changing the way companies think about, view, enroll in and engage in benefits. They provide online benefits administration services and benefit administration outsourcing services to mid and large-market companies. Its unique web-based platform, Benefitsolver, automates employers’ insurance benefit administration by consolidating multiple insurance carriers into a single platform as well as customizing the process to meet employer’s unique enrollment requirements. Businessolver believes in delighted clients. For more information please go to