LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 12, 2012 – Accurate Background Inc., a solution leader in the background screening industry, recently closed its 2011 fiscal year as the most successful year since inception; surpassing 2010 growth by more than 40 percent. As a result of the growth, Accurate Background is opening an expansion office in Irvine, Calif. this month.

Client satisfaction is the primary factor attributed to Accurate Background’s success. The company’s commitment to building long-term relationships with every client is reflected in their exponential growth from existing clients in 2011 and greater than 95 percent client retention. “We are pleased to be working with Accurate Background,” said Megan Harcey, Employment Manager at Kwik Trip, Inc., a large convenience store chain headquartered in La Crosse, Wis. “They provide exceptional dedicated customer support, a customized solution based on our specific hiring process, and were able to fully integrate with our applicant tracking system to streamline our screening process.”

Accurate Background recently extended its hours of client support to provide overnight service to better accommodate their clients and their growing presence in the international background screening market. The company provides background screening solutions in more than 190 countries and territories and understands compliance with all local laws and regulations. Their internal International Team closely monitors changes to compliance requirements around the world and is experienced in providing consultation and best practices education to their clients with a global footprint. Scalability of Accurate Background’s systems and solutions allows for this rapid domestic and global expansion, providing uninterrupted service and support to their existing clients.

Another factor attributed to Accurate Background’s growth is their continued advancement of customized integration solutions. Through strategic partnership with electronic drug screen provider eScreen, Accurate Background provides organizations with real-time 15-minute negative drug test results using a nationwide network of more than 2,700 service provider sites. Full integration with the employment eligibility verification system, E-Verify, combined with their proprietary Accurate I-9 online solution, provides electronic Form I-9 collection, real-time verification and multiple document storage options from a single sign-on account. These product integrations joined with customized integrations through leading applicant tracking systems are attracting new employers in 2012 that want a simple hiring process, consistent hiring policies driven by technology, and reduced workload for recruiters.

“Employers are seeking efficient, cost-effective ways to hire employees and are looking to companies like Accurate Background for methods that streamline the process and reduce time-to-hire,” said Aaron Charbonnet, Senior Vice President of Client Development. “We realize that each employer has unique needs and we are committed to the development of innovative technology that allows our clients to customize a background screening program based on their specific hiring process.”

Accurate Background’s client-driven, customized product and technology solutions become the blueprints for advancing new product development and improving existing solutions to further optimize the background screening process for all of their clients.

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About Accurate Background
Accurate Background, a global company based in Lake Forest, Calif., is a technology leader in the background screening field. They continue to be at the forefront in their industry, offering innovative background check and security research products to organizations nationwide and globally. Through expert leadership and a commitment to quality information, they have illustrated their ability to meet the needs of their clients in employment screening, vendor certification and fraud prevention. They are HR-XML Certified to allow for rapid integration with leading applicant tracking systems. For more information about Accurate Background and its products, call 800.784.3911 or visit their web site at