APS Announces Partnership with Immediate EWA Solution

Shreveport, LA, July 8, 2021 – Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc. (APS), a provider of best-in-class payroll and HR technology, has announced a strategic partnership with Immediate to provide employees with financial wellness benefits like earned wage access (EWA).

The Immediate solution provides employees with on-demand access to their earned but not yet paid wages through integrations with APS’ payroll technology. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Immediate provides employers with a solution to offer their employees a better workforce experience.

“Our goal is to improve financial wellness for employees by providing faster and easier access to their hard-earned wages. Earned wage access is an essential part of employment for much of the workforce in several key sectors. Through our partnership with APS, we can provide our key financial services to employees in the education, healthcare, hospitality, food service, and non-profit industries,” said Lindsey Seal, Vice President of Partnerships.

Last year, 86% of U.S. workers experienced unexpected expenses:

  • 42% of these employees turned to credit cards
  • 25% used high-interest loans
  • 20% overdrafts their accounts

Employees need a safety net that allows them to gain more financial independence and eliminate cycles of debt. The partnership provides turnkey solutions that support and engage employees on an ongoing and recurring basis.

The benefits of using Immediate financial wellness solutions include:

  1. Recruit – Differentiate in the job market by offering on-demand pay
  2. Retain – Improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover with financial wellness tools
  3. Evolve – Offer employee pay in real-time, on-demand or off-cycle

“Businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our commitment and dedication to the customer experience. Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier. The decision to partner with Immediate will allow us to streamline our solutions further and provide earned wage access to members of the workforce,” said Aaron Johnson, President and CEO of APS.

About APS

APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. We provide our clients and partners with intuitive technology delivered with personalized service and support. Our unified solution is designed to simplify workforce management tasks. Process payroll in hours, automate HR workflows, and elevate the employee lifecycle with a single-system platform. We are APS, your workforce partner. For more information, visit www.apspayroll.com.

About Immediate

Immediate partners with employers to provide their employees with wages that have been earned but not paid, whenever they are needed. With seamless time tracking and payroll integrations, same-day and next-day bank transfers, and the ability to put earnings directly on a debit card, Immediate is working to improve financial wellness and eliminate cycles of debt for employees by allowing them to access their hard-earned wages. To learn more, visit joinimmediate.com.

Media Contact:

Tiffany Seaton

Marketing Manager