Minneapolis, Minn. — September 7, 2011 — Arbita, a leader in recruitment marketing and sourcing solutions since 1993, today announced a new recruitment process outsourcing solution with an absolute difference in the over-crowded, often over-hyped RPO marketplace.

“We’re the RPO with an exit strategy,” Arbita CEO and founder Don Ramer said in advance of the upcoming ERE Expo 2011 Fall, where Arbita will officially unveil its new RPO and company brand. Arbita is also a Platinum Sponsor of the ERE event.

The Arbita RPO offers all of the expertise, services, products and resources that Arbita has brought to the world of sourcing and recruiting over the past 18 years, plus new services that create one of the most abundant and robust RPO systems in the industry. Clients can receive support for all or any part of their recruitment process, including the benefits of Arbita’s flexibility and commitment to work beside another RPO, Ramer said.

The Arbita RPO is a response to pent-up demand for a recruitment process partner that not only has the knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate the constantly shifting recruitment landscape, but that also appreciates when it’s time to turn the job over to the client’s own team, even when that team includes another RPO, Ramer said.

Ramer referred to the Arbita RPO as a “confident, capable and savvy RPO boutique” that offers:

Arbita Recruitment Process Outsourcing — Unparalleled management of the entire recruiting and hiring process, from skillfully and effectively profiling candidates to efficiently and engagingly onboarding new hires — all from a position of client partnership.

Arbita Recruitment Process Consulting — Insight, expertise and support that get clients thinking in new ways about linking sourcing and recruiting to each business unit, as well as seeing the crucial interconnections, integration and alignment among policies, procedures, systems, practices and programs.

Arbita Staffing and Recruiting — Ground zero results for immediate recruiting needs, built on a unique history and wealth of expertise from recognized thought leaders in the field to solve the most pressing or most challenging hiring needs.

Arbita Recruitment Marketing — Centered on job-posting technology and savvy guidance that have steadily set new standards in the industry and helped clients consistently find the best candidates faster.

The Arbita RPO is uniquely positioned to solve an organization’s most crucial hiring challenges today or to build a solid framework for a company’s recruiting team to achieve sustained success moving forward.

“We’ve been in this business long enough and supported enough different types and sizes of clients at each step of the recruitment process to know that we can best serve clients by working with them, supporting them today and preparing them for tomorrow, in a way that makes sense to their unique situation, and then giving them the reins to do the job going forward,” Ramer said. “We’re not in the game to take over their recruiting departments, but to make them better.”

As part of the launch of the Arbita RPO, the company announced a new logo and website. The logo — an image of five smoothly rounded bars being untangled from a knotted center — represents Arbita’s promise to help each client untangle the knots and challenges within its recruitment process, applying one or all of its solutions. The vertical bars also hint at the metrics of an organization improving its recruitment efforts during its engagement with Arbita.  The new Arbita website is meanwhile clear, concise and easy to navigate.

“Arbita has always developed its services and products from what the marketplace tells us it needs, and the Arbita RPO is no exception to that history,” Ramer said. “Our recognized expertise, industry thought leaderships and passion for this business continue to drive every line of our business and every relationship.”

About Arbita
Arbita offers recruitment process outsourcing solutions developed from the inside out, built on industry-recognized thought leadership and proven expertise. Arbita’s RPO solutions are designed to meet all or any part of your organization’s recruiting needs, from solving today’s most critical and pressing hiring challenges to building a solid framework for your team to achieve sustained recruitment success in the long run. We work beside you — even in concert with another RPO — and then we get out of your way.

Arbita is the RPO with an exit strategy, providing a complete RPO solution, recruitment process consulting, stand-alone staffing and hiring and recruitment marketing, all powered by robust technology, seasoned consulting, savvy sourcing, insightful market research and education. Enhancing recruiting since 1993, Arbita is based in Minneapolis, Minn., and on the Web at www.arbita.com.

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