Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Falling Flat? These Ten Tactics Will Help You Soar

CAPITOLA, Calif., October 1, 2012—There’s no denying the growing potential, popularity and power of social media as a marketing channel. What’s not so clear is how to use this channel effectively. The tactics businesses are using run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous. But a new white paper from HRxAnalysts, “10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business with Social Media,” clears away the confusion, offering the most practical tactics for leveraging the power of social sites and making them a valuable component of any marketing strategy.

The paper—which is available as a complimentary download at —covers a mix of tactics from the most important online activities to the key offline activities that are often overlooked but equally critical to success. The tactics shared in the paper include:

• How to Tune Your Content to the Current Discussions
• How to Tell Stories
• How to Broaden Your Social Presence
• The Importance of Building an Advisory Board

“Let’s face it—when it comes to harnessing social media to market your product or business, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed,” said John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRxAnalysts. “The number of social sites is growing, the sites themselves are evolving, and even the audiences are shifting and changing. The good news for businesses is that they don’t have to be social media experts to utilize this marketing channel effectively. Our new white paper outlines 10 powerful tactics that any company can employ, whether they’re social media neophytes or more experienced users. The tactics we share are ideal for launching your social media initiatives or for refocusing your efforts on tactics that get results.”

The Power of SocialEars® HR Conversation Analysis Software
True marketing success in social media, according to Sumser, takes a combination of persistence, thoughtfulness and creativity that some organizations have found difficult to sustain. Fortunately, tools are being developed to address this problem and to ease the workload for businesses, he said.

“Take HRmarketer’s SocialEars® HR software, for example,” Sumser said. “SocialEars is a data analysis tool that was created specifically to monitor the conversations and trends taking place on social media within a particular industry or business category. It’s truly a unique tool—the first of its kind.”

Sumser said that he and his team put SocialEars HR to work for six months in the Human Resources category prior to writing their new white paper. “We used SocialEars to better understand the HR landscape and its trends. As a result, many of the insights and tactics we share are especially suited to businesses that market to the HR industry. But they actually apply to many other industries and niches as well.”

SocialEars HR is the first of several specialized editions of the software that SocialEars Corporation is developing for the needs of various industries and market segments.

“SocialEars ‘listens’ to the social media conversations taking place by analyzing news stories, blogs and online content from a truly vast array of sources,” Sumser stated. “For businesses looking to market themselves through social media, SocialEars delivers a high-def picture of exactly what’s being discussed, the content that is getting attention, who wrote it, and who is actually influencing the topics in a given industry or marketplace. And that’s a huge advantage in engaging with the right people and the influencers who matter.”

About HRxAnalysts
HRxAnalysts is a consulting firm based in Bodega Bay, CA. Led by industry provocateur John Sumser, the company focuses on discovering what works at the edges of innovation in HR and recruiting. Closely allied with the HRExaminer, the firm maintains deep connections with a network of about 30 seminal thinkers in the industry through its editorial advisory board.

HRxAnalysts works on a variety of projects for both vendors and their customers in the HR and recruiting industry. For HR departments, HRxAnalysts helps define and articulate talent strategy with an emphasis on the transformative power of great questions. For vendors, the company helps develop market strategy and product management.

At the core of the value we create is unbridled curiosity coupled with an inability to think inside the box.

Our offerings range from training programs and webinars to extensive research.

For additional information, please give us a call at 415.683.0775 or visit the website at

About SocialEars® HR and HRmarketer
HRmarketer has over a decade of experience providing marketing and PR services for the global HR marketplace. software has the right information—accurate and up-to-date—that HCM suppliers need for successfully marketing their business to HR and other key B2B decision makers. The company’s latest cloud software, SocialEars HR Edition, is a radically different approach to social listening, helping HCM companies listen to the right conversations, discover the right important and engage with the people and influencers that matter. For more information or to set-up a free trial visit

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