Article Shows Employers How to Put an End to Employee Relations Scavenger Hunts with HR Case Management Software

AUSTIN, Texas—May 24, 2012—Even the most common employee relations (ER) situations can send HR and ER personnel into frantic “scavenger hunts” for critical information—and all too frequently these scavenger hunts end in frustration and failure, according to a new article by Dovetail Software. The reason: critical ER information is spread throughout the organization in disconnected databases, spreadsheets, emails, voice mails, filing systems and other electronic and paper-based formats.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Download your complimentary copy of the article, “End the Employee Relations `Scavenger Hunt’ with HR Case Management Software,” to learn how an HR case management system offers a convenient way for employers to maintain all of their ER data in a single, integrated and secure repository.

“As the article shows, HR case management software provides several important advantages including the ability to identify ER trends and root causes of frequent employee request types,” said Dwane Lay, Dovetail’s Head of HR Process Design. “HR case management software also enhances HR’s timeliness and efficiency in viewing, tracking, categorizing and responding to issues. And these are only some of the advantages employers can reap.”

In addition to explaining the advantages of HR case management software, the article presents a typical employee relations scenario with two very different outcomes—one resulting from operating without HR case management software and the other resulting from having such software in place.

“Searching for documentation on employee requests is costly, time-consuming and leads to poor service,” Lay continues. “In many cases, it’s just a scavenger hunt and takes days or weeks to piece together enough information to respond. HR Case Management software houses organizational knowledge and an employee’s history in a single system, which improves efficiency and accuracy tremendously.”

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