As Global Economies Improve, Total Rewards Software Urges Employers to Step Up Benefits Communications to Avoid Worker Flight

ROCKLIN, Calif. / June 17, 2013 – As reports of global employee turnover fill the headlines, experts at TotalRewards Software encourage employers to stem the tide and shape a positive workplace culture with a simple tool: global total rewards statements.

A recent workplace engagement survey surveyed about 1,300 businesses and 10,000 employees in time for National Employee Wellness Month, which began June 1. In the survey, 77 percent of employees responded that “health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.”

“More and more we’re seeing that global companies face an exodus of top talent as the world economy recovers,” explains Ray O’Donnell, founder and CEO of Total Rewards Software. “As labor markets revive, staff turnover will increase. Yet employers can act now to paint a compelling picture of the value they bring to their workforce through a total compensation communication program.”

O’Donnell points to a strong link between the wellness of employees and increased job morale, performance and long-term commitment. Indeed, 87 percent of employees surveyed said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.

“Without a total rewards program, many organizations don’t have a formal way of detailing all of the benefits, insurance information and perks that they provide in a single communication package,” O’Donnell says. “When a total rewards statement is utilized properly, employers can paint a more dynamic picture to employees across the globe, tailored to each country and its cultural differences.”

Other companies, he adds, are using statements to encourage and engage employees who don’t take full advantage of benefits such as wellness programs or retirement benefits.

For greater insight into the benefits of global total compensation statements, download the recent white paper, “Spanning the Globe: Building an Effective Total Rewards Communication Campaign.” The paper tells the stories of companies who expanded U.S.-based total rewards programs to overseas offices, and explains how total compensation statements were designed to overcome cultural differences. The free paper is available at:

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