Assess Systems Delivers a Richer View of Candidates with the First-Of-Its-Kind Video Assessment Technology

DALLAS, September 10, 2015–Employers get a richer, more complete picture of candidates early in the hiring process, making the entire process more effective for identifying the best talent, thanks to a new video assessment solution from Assess Systems.

Assess Video stands apart from traditional video interviewing products because video is blended with scientifically validated personality assessments. The assessments predict whether candidates’ competencies fit proven success factors for the job, while the use of video enables employers to see how candidates communicate and how their behavior in real-world scenarios aligns with those same competencies.

The combined results deliver powerful insights, including:
– Identifying the best talent to interview. Instead of interviewing everyone who looks good on paper, employers save valuable time by targeting those candidates whose competencies and communication styles fit the role and their organizations.
– Reducing time to hire. Screening of more candidates can be done up front, facilitating a faster recruitment cycle.
– Enriching the candidate experience. Because Assess Video is a recorded assessment, candidates can complete it at a time that’s convenient. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to go beyond their work history by sharing specific behavioral examples from their past experience.
– Saving time and money. Employers can eliminate scheduling hassles and travel costs, and screen more candidates with less effort.
– Conducting better interviews. After watching candidates’ video assessments, employers may already have answers to their first round of interview questions, and can prepare follow up questions to dig deeper into behavior and learn more about candidates.

“We constantly focus on our clients’ need for talent and how technology innovation can help identify best-fit candidates,” said Greg Moran, CEO of Assess Systems and “By combining video with the best personality assessments available, employers simultaneously solve two major HR challenges: finding time to interview all qualified talent and identifying the specific candidates who exhibit characteristics necessary to succeed in a given role.”

The innovative Assess Video assessment consists of a series of behavioral-based questions that can be based on job competencies, or be customized to the organization. All candidates for a given job answer the same series of questions, enabling employers to easily compare responses and eliminate recruiter bias.

Assess Video is also highly valuable for candidates. In addition to the solution being easy and convenient to use, the video questions provide candidates with a tremendous opportunity to highlight their strengths and to differentiate themselves at the beginning of the hiring process, helping them go into a formal interview with more confidence.

Assess Video is the first major product released by Assess Systems since its merger with This combination establishes a single cloud-based suite of talent management solutions to help source, screen, evaluate job fit, reference candidates, enhance employee development, and measure an employee’s impact on the job. The predictive capabilities of the company’s competency models derive from data sets comprising millions of candidates, hundreds of thousands of hires, and their on-the-job performance, and are continually being enhanced and refined.

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