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Madison launches Aria, a new Social Recognition Solution for Mid-Enterprise Market

By HR Vendor News | November 17, 2021

(New York, NY. November 17, 2021) — Madison, a global leader in social recognition, is excited to announce the launch of Aria, a social recognition solution for Mid-Enterprise businesses of 2,000 to 5,000 employees. A sister product to their award-winning Maestro, Madison has developed their Aria solution as an affordable option for non-enterprise level organizations to establish an employee rewards…

HR Professionals Need Ongoing Learning To Stay Successful and Address Skills Gaps – New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | November 16, 2021

Although HR professionals tend to be highly educated, they must engage in continuous learning in order to maintain and update their capabilities. Most (95%) HR professionals have at least some college, and 39% have a master’s degree or higher. What’s more, 61% have some type of certification in HR management. The free research report, The… Announces ‘The State of Human Experience 2022’ Advisory Board to Guide HR Research and Virtual Event

By HR Vendor News | November 15, 2021

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada –, the largest network of human resources (HR) professionals, has announced their Advisory Board for the “State of Human Experience 2022” to bring together thought leaders for collaboration, sharing knowledge, and providing valuable insights. Their expertise will help organizations navigate a range of issues related to the employee experience in… Announces the 2022 California Excellence Awards, Highlighting Human Resource Program Success Throughout the Pandemic and Beyond

By HR Vendor News | November 11, 2021

The California Excellence HR Awards return in 2022, as part of the HR West Conference, to bring special recognition to HR professionals and teams dealing with the unique employment laws and requirements in the state of California. Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada –, the largest network of human resources (HR) professionals, has announced the upcoming…

Organizational Culture Is Failing to Support Learning and Development – New Study by Fuse and the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | November 9, 2021

The recent study, “How Employees Learn in the Workplace,” revealed that just 20% of HR professionals strongly agree that their organization has a successful learning culture, and only 37% say their culture definitely supports their organization’s learning strategy. These findings help explain why learning and development (L&D) often fails to achieve its goals. The free…

Attaining High Employee Engagement Proves Challenging Due to Covid’s Impact – HR Research Institute Releases Results of 2021 Survey

By HR Vendor News | November 8, 2021

November 8, 2021 — The “Future of Engagement 2021,” conducted by the HR Research Institute, reveals that Covid-19 packed a wallop on employee engagement — with many organizations reporting low levels of engagement. A full 31% of respondents reported that engagement sagged over the past two years, with 7% saying it plummeted by more than…

Forty-Two Percent of Employees Say their Employer Is Not Dedicated to Closing Pay Gaps in New Pay Equity Research by and the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | October 27, 2021

HR professionals are more likely to have rose-colored glasses when looking at the current state of pay equity in their organization compared to employees. While only about half of surveyed employees (53%) say they are paid equitably or believe their peers are, a larger proportion of HR professionals (66%) believe their peers are paid equitably.…

The Majority of Companies Still Struggle with HR Analytics – New Study by the HR Research Institute

By HR Vendor News | October 25, 2021

Only 29% of HR professionals say their organization is good or very good at making positive changes based on HR analytics. Moreover, just 36% agree or strongly agree that their people analytics platform delivers actionable insights. The free research report, The State of HR Analytics 2021, is now available for download.’s Research Institute conducted…

How Positive Candidate Experience Makes or Breaks a Business Model?

By HR Vendor News | October 22, 2021

But What is Candidate Experience? In simple words, it’s the impression your company lays on the prospective employees or candidates through the hiring process. Starting from the job description till the hiring, applying a first positive experience is very important. Whether it’s easy and non-cumbersome, the experience plays a decisive role in taking up the…

How is RChilli Resume Parser a Game Changer in Salesforce Ecosystem?

By HR Vendor News | October 11, 2021

Is recruitment all about hiring any random applicant to fill the position, or is it about picking that one right person who would be a good fit for the company? Well, the second option, without a doubt. But, how many times are you able to realize this? Hardly. This is where a well-integrated tool like…