Background screening

Tampa, FL, December 1, 2011 – Visiting Santa at the mall is a cherished holiday tradition for most families. Kids instinctively trust the jolly old fellow in the red suit. But did you ever stop to think who might be lurking behind Santa’s false beard?

Kevin Connell is America’s leading background screening expert, dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” by Fox News. He has seen his share of con men and crooks who use false identities (including Santa’s) to commit new crimes. Connell conducts criminal and sexual offender background checks for retail chains and malls that are hiring seasonal employees.

“Santa Claus is an institution. There are lots of great stories and movies about him,” Connell said. “Unfortunately, some bad people take advantage of seasonal opportunities and turn an uplifting season into a parent’s worst nightmare.”

Connell has nearly 20 years of experience as founder and CEO of, which specializes in pre-employment background screening and drug testing services. A nationally-known speaker and author, Connell has appeared on ABC News, Fox News and more than 172 radio and TV shows.

Connell helps his audience stay alert and safe. He shares cautionary tales of shady Santas, including a New Jersey actor who was arrested by Interpol for producing child pornography and abusing young boys.

In his speaking engagements, he reveals:

* Why “Santa Claus” is an alias many criminals use when they’re arrested.

* Warning signs to look out for when shopping online and at the mall.

* Why many companies cut corners and take risks when hiring new employees.

* How to avoid common holiday scams, from fraudulent eBay offers to bait-and-switch sales.

Connell is available to speak on this timely and important topic both in the Tampa, Florida area and nationwide, in person or via telephone.

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