Best Practice Awards Announces Fall Senior Executive Board Agenda

Best Practice Institute (BPI) announced the details of their 2019 Fall Senior Executive Board agenda, to include both online learning sessions, and their in-person Board meeting taking place in Charlotte, NC, December 4-5. 

The BPI Senior Executive Board, founded in 2001 by veteran social/organizational psychologist, thought leader, entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author, Louis Carter, is an invitation-only consortium of CHROs and Chief Talent Officers who get together to share the best and next-practices in talent management, organization development and organization culture. 

The fall agenda focuses on some of the most pressing issues facing organizations today including organizational culture, inclusion, the future of the workplace, high-potential talent and leadership development, among other areas. The agenda features some of the leading thinkers in talent including Best Selling Author Jim Kouzes, Head of Wharton’s HR program, Peter Capelli, Singularity University’s Future of Talent lecturer Muriel Clauson, Harvard Business School’s Michael Beer, as well as BPI’s CEO Louis Carter among others. 

“BPI’s Senior Executive Board members are chosen because of their passion for reimagining and recreating the best and next talent practices.”, says BPI CEO Louis Carter. “It is those passions that form our agenda and drive us to bring together those who are sick of the status-quo and paving the way for the real future of talent. When talent leaders from our Board have a chance to interact with Capelli, Kouzes and other luminaries in the field in exclusive settings, and share and learn together with their peers, the experience is second to none for our members.”

The first session is on Tuesday, September 11, with multiple sessions each month leading up to the in-person Board meeting, hosted by TIAA at their HQ in Charlotte, NC on December 4-5. The online sessions are exclusive for BPI Senior Executive Board members and their direct reports, and the in-person meeting is only for Senior Executive Board members to attend. 

BPI accepts nominations for Board membership, which require approval by the Board’s executive director and membership committee made up of long standing Board members. For those interested in being considered for Board membership to attend these sessions, click here

About Best Practice Institute

Best Practice Institute is an award-winning third party professional association/research institute which also acts as product development incubator, peer network, solutions provider representing over 42,000 individual & corporate learning members from all across the globe. The Best Practice Institute Senior Executive Board represents over 200,000 employees throughout the globe. The organization is backed by top C-level members from Fortune 500 companies including the likes of Kimberly Clark Corporation, The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, J&J, TIAA, Celanese and more. 

Louis Carter, the founder and driver behind BPI, is a veteran social/organizational psychologist, thought leader, entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author. The Best Practice Award is based on the “best practice method” developed by Carter himself in 1998. Carter had written about it in his first book, “Best Practices in Leadership Development”, which he co-authored with Warren Bennis. Carter’s method defines the gold standard for evaluating “best practices” deployed by professionals and practitioners in leadership & management and today has grown into a continuously evolving and sustainable system. Carter’s 11th book, In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance Through Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace was published in 2019 by McGraw-Hill. 

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