Best Practice Institute's (BPI) New Study is First Empirical Research to Examine Expatriate Performance Management at Three Levels of Analysis

Rophe Woods
Best Practice Research Analyst
Best Practice Institute

Best Practice Institute (BPI) Begins First Research Study That Examines Expatriate Performance Management at Three Levels of Analysis

West Palm Beach, Fla., July 26- Best Practice Institute is currently researching the best practices in managing, funding, and implementing successful expatriate assignments.

The study strategy includes literature reviews, personal interviews, categorization, and comparative analysis across organizations. Each organization being profiled is in the top 20-tier in its particular industry. BPI will examine both transactional and transformational elements of Global Expatriate Assignments/Talent Management. Secondary research sources indicate a need for clearly defined process and structure for candidate selection, organizational expectations, and performance management for Expatriate Assignments. To fully understand the scope and impact of the assignment BPI will evaluate organizations at three levels; individual, organizational, and societal. The BPI study will be the first empirical study that examines expatriate performance management at all three levels of analysis.

“New research in Global Talent Management is in high demand for our world’s best global organizations. We seek to create a benchmark for excellence in the field of expatriate assignments by looking at both the transactional and transformational elements of this practice. Without digging deep into the cultural, societal, and family components of expatriate assignments, we will miss the human element that is often over-looked during deployment of expatriate assignments.”

Best Practice Institute is compiling a research report from the findings this year. If you are a global organization and qualify for the study take the BPI survey and you will be given a copy of the benchmarking report.

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