Seasonal Hiring Pain Eliminated by JobApp Automated Hiring Management System

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — Feb. 1, 2012 — JobApp, the talent acquisition and management solution dedicated to companies with a decentralized workforce, today announced the release of its newest paper, “Now Is the Time: Five Resolutions to Take the Pain Out of Seasonal Hiring,” available for complimentary download now.

This paper presents an engaging and insightful look at five key changes any organization can make to ensure that seasonal hiring is more efficient, more effective and gets five-star employees hired fast.

1. Drastically reduce the amount of paperwork in hiring
2. Empower managers to hire the best candidate for each job fast
3. Make it easy and efficient to identify temporary employees who will thrive and want to stay with the company
4. Develop a stream of qualified candidates from the very places where they want to work
5. Streamline the onboarding process and take the headache out of operations and HR

Companies that act on the five resolutions presented by JobApp can find and hire better employees faster, reduce paperwork, radically streamline sourcing and hiring processes, cut data-entry errors, and improve compliance with I-9 rules and hiring regulations.

Now Is the Time: Five Resolutions to Take the Pain Out of Seasonal Hiring”  expands on each of the five resolutions and presents practical applications of each one.

In addition to having an immediate competitive advantage during peak sales seasons, you can create a path for finding,hiring and managing candidates who will help you build a better organization down the road.

“One major retailer who used JobApp last year received 2,500 electronic applications a day over a six-week, pre-holiday period and hired 15,000 employees with next to no paper involved,” said Blake Helppie, chief executive officer of JobApp Network.

The bottom line: Seasonal hiring needs to happen super fast if you want to beat the competition — despite the mountain of paperwork that the traditional methods of hiring and onboarding require.
• “Now Is the Time: Five Resolutions to Take the Pain Out of Seasonal Hiring” draws on the experience and knowledge of JobApp and its clients, as well as research into the challenges and trends in seasonal hiring.

About JobApp

JobApp gives any company with a decentralized workforce what it needs to hire the best person for the right job, right now. You identify the top 20 percent of applicants at a glance, engage the best candidates quickly and, just as efficiently, you draw a bead on a new employee’s best next move within your company. But that’s only what the candidate and the person who hires them might see. Behind the scenes, paperwork is eliminated from the entire process, from application (whether by phone or online) right through onboarding and early performance management. Hiring compliance? Done. Tax credit eligibility? Handled.
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