Birkman and Goodwill Houston Work Together to Help Veterans Find Jobs

Houston, TX, August 8, 2017 – Goodwill Houston has launched a pilot program that offers qualified veterans the opportunity to take the widely respected Birkman assessment as part of their job placement process. Sharon Birkman, President and CEO of Birkman and Board Member of Goodwill Houston, helped facilitate the program’s launch by donating assessments for veterans and certification training for Goodwill employees leading the program. Steve Lufburrow, President/CEO of Goodwill Houston, says, “We appreciate this generous gift. We know it will help our teams match veterans with the best possible opportunities for successful employment.”

The Birkman Method is a multi-dimensional, scientifically validated personality assessment that is used by people and organizations alike to improve communication and foster stronger relationships. Developed over 65 years ago by Sharon’s father, Dr. Roger Birkman, the assessment develops emotional intelligence by providing insight into the motivations, perceptions, and behaviors that make everyone different. It also provides robust occupational data that helps others understand how their unique behavior can translate to job satisfaction across different industries. The occupational element of the assessment has proven to be a great match for Goodwill’s commitment to “Changing Lives Through the Power of Work.”

Birkman and Goodwill Houston developed this program to help veterans identify their unique strengths and better understand their career interests. Upon completion of the assessment, they are paired with a Goodwill employee who has completed Birkman Signature Certification for one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Elexa Orrange-Allen, Goodwill Houston Board Member and veteran, says, “No matter where an individual comes from or what his or her challenges have been, Goodwill gives hope by helping individuals with barriers to employment obtain jobs and create careers. Goodwill helps people support their families, gets homeless people off the streets, and gives people a second chance–including veterans struggling to reconnect when they return home.”

Sharon has been on the board of Goodwill Houston for the past four years and is excited to contribute to the program. She says, “I’ve always admired Goodwill for their strong core values and commitment to the community. Their focus on changing lives through the power of work really ties into our purpose at Birkman. I’m thrilled for this partnership to help empower our veterans to better understand themselves and find meaningful work. And it goes without saying that we should do anything we can for our veterans, and this is one way we can say thank you for their sacrifice.”

About Birkman
Birkman is a behavioral and occupational assessment company dedicated to helping people and organizations improve communication and performance. The Birkman Method provides insights into a person’s Interests, Usual Behaviors, Needs, and Stress Behaviors in memorable report formats that are both empowering and constructive. Birkman is a favorite choice of organizational development and HR professionals, life coaches, career counselors, educators, and consultants. The Birkman Method has decades of proven scientific validity and continues to stay at the forefront of the personality assessment field.

About Goodwill Houston
Goodwill Houston improves the lives of individuals, families and communities by providing education, training, and employment opportunities to all, while specializing in assisting people with disabilities, at-risk youth, older workers, and veterans. Goodwill Houston is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that proudly serves the citizens of eight Texas counties–Austin, Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, Walker and Washington.

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