Houston, Texas – Birkman exhibited last week at The Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues in Houston, Texas on May 11-12. This event, hosted by HR Houston, is the largest regional conference for human resource professionals on the Gulf Coast, bringing in over 1,400 participants that span across 767 companies. Birkman employees were able to make connections with many leading human resource professionals while facilitating discussions about how to leverage diverse personalities in the workplace.

Since the company’s inception in 1951, Birkman has helped people gain self-awareness and grow an appreciation for personality differences in both personal and professional settings. Some of the top organizations in the world use The Birkman Method as a foundation for developing self-knowledge and opening communication, resulting in more engaged, satisfied, and loyal employees.

Joy Sorce, Human Resource Manager at Birkman, has been an avid attendee of this event for the past 2 years. She explains, “Attending The Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues is always one of my favorite events of the year. Acquiring the knowledge and expertise from many leading HR professionals across the region has allowed me to find better solutions to everyday challenges within our organization, and explore new strategies to support our growth. I am pleased Birkman had a presence this year, as I believe the insight gained from The Birkman Method can provide tremendous value to other business professionals in the community. Our assessment is the cornerstone to understanding the diverse personalities that make up an organization, providing human resource departments the tools needed to develop and maintain a more cohesive team.”

The Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues ran through May 12, and featured many keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and events. For more information, please visit http://www.hrhouston.org/mpage/536.

About Birkman International, Inc.
Birkman is a behavioral and occupational assessment company dedicated to helping people and organizations improve communication and performance. The Birkman Method provides insights into a person’s Interests, Usual Behaviors, Needs, and Stress Behaviors in memorable report formats that are both empowering and constructive. Birkman is a favorite choice of organizational development and HR professionals, life coaches, career counselors, educators, and consultants. The Birkman Method has decades of proven scientific validity and continues to stay at the forefront of the personality assessment field.

About HR Houston
Established in 1943, HR Houston is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of human resource management. The association offers its members networking and professional development opportunities, including meetings with nationally recognized speakers, conferences, and workshops throughout the year.