Birkman Welcomes Dan Perryman as New VP of Training and Consultant Development

Dan Perryman, a seasoned Birkman consultant and advocate, is joining Birkman leadership as the VP of Training and Consultant Development. Perryman will work with Birkman Learning Partners worldwide to strengthen the development and product knowledge of Birkman Certified Professionals. Perryman’s efforts will support the existing Birkman network of more than 4,000 users and advance the Birkman training experience.

Perryman is a Birkman Senior Consultant with more than 15 years of experience with The Birkman Method. Having been both a corporate user and an independent consultant, Perryman brings a viewpoint that is a unique asset to the Birkman team. His use of Birkman has spanned many applications and industries, working with both small businesses and large corporations. Perryman worked at Walmart corporate offices when Birkman was first implemented at the company and was a proponent of the assessment throughout his tenure. He was also involved in integrating The Birkman Method in leadership development programs for both US and international markets.

Perryman boasts a variety of other accolades – he is both a published author and the founder of Candid Leadership, a consultancy focused on leadership development and facilitation. With international experience in executive coaching and talent development and over a decade spent as a manager of development and training, Perryman brings both the passion and expertise that will help Birkman training rise to the next level of sophistication, depth, and innovation.

Perryman shares his motivations, “The Birkman Method helps build stronger relationships and can positively influence lives and careers. If we help Birkman Certified Professionals be even more effective in using the assessment, we can have a greater impact on people around the world.”
Sharon Birkman Fink, President and CEO of Birkman, shares, “We are ecstatic that Dan is joining us at the start of this new year. He possesses such an impressive and in-depth understanding of The Birkman Method and is able to harness the tool to strengthen and develop individuals, teams, and organizations. As a consultant and coach, Perryman has already brought wonderful value to the Birkman community, and we are confident that he will continue to thrive as he works strategically to bring our training and consultant support to new heights.”

About Birkman International, Inc.
Birkman helps people and organizations improve performance through its personality test and career assessment. The Birkman Method provides insights into a person’s Interests, Usual Behaviors, Needs, and Stress Behaviors in memorable report formats that are both empowering and constructive. Birkman is a favorite choice of organizational development and HR professionals, life coaches, career counselors, educators, and consultants. The Birkman Method has decades of proven scientific validity and continues to stay at the forefront of the personality assessment field.

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