Biz Expert Uses Viral Video Campaign to Add Jobs

Molly Fletcher, known as the Female Jerry McGuire has represented some of the worlds most popular professional athletes and coaches including John Smoltz, future Hall of Fame pitcher; Tom Izzo National Championship Coach and Head Coach of the Michigan State Spartans, and Matt Kuchar PGA Tour Champion and golfer just to name a few. She’s no stranger to the world of high stakes world of sports, business and negotiation.  On January 5th, she’s placing her bets on the viral power of YouTube pledging to help end poverty and create jobs in the United States and beyond.

Fletcher promises to donate $5,000 to benefit the Acumen Fund, an organization aimed at job creation, social enterprise, and ending global poverty after 20,000 people view her YouTube video.  The video is available for viewing at

The viral awareness campaign launches in conjunction with the new release of her business book, “The Business of Being the Best.” The book published by Jossey Bass, a Wiley Imprint division, shares her formula for success to maximize human capital through leadership in a global business economy.  Fletcher is no stranger to the world of leadership and business growing her sports management business to more than $500 million while balancing her work and personal life as a mother and wife.

“No matter what you do or what game you play, no one becomes the best overnight in sports or in business. Like growing the economy, leadership is a gradual process.  It takes authenticity, curiosity, intentional and positive energy and teamwork to make it happen,” says Fletcher.

The team that Fletcher speaks of relies on the viral efforts of others to drive awareness through the social sharing of her January 5th campaign.  Using the power of crowdsourcing, $0.25  (up to $5,000) will be donated by Fletcher for every video view allowing the opportunity for Acumen Fund to provide entrepreneurs and small business in the US and beyond the resources to add jobs and grow their business.

Fletcher shares, “The key to successful growth in business and leadership is through targeted risks.  I want to offer opportunities for entrepreneurs world wide to improve our economy and add jobs quickly.”

A trailblazer in the sports business, Molly Fletcher has worked with hundreds of household names; Major League Baseball stars, NBA coaches, PGA and LPGA golfers, NCAA basketball, football coaches and media personalities. Her second book, “The Business of Being The Best: Unlock the Secrets of the Go-Getters and Game Changers” has just been released in January 2012.

Molly has been featured extensively in the media including appearances on TV, radio and podcast interviews such as CNN, Fox, Fox Business, WSJ, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, USA Today, The Washington Post, Fox 5, WSB, Good Day Atlanta, 790 The Zone and many more.  You can learn more about Molly at her website and purchase the book at