BLS's Compensation and Working Conditions Online Journal Provides Wealth of Information on Compensation Topics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Compensation and Working Conditions Online (CWC Online) is a monthly journal that features analytical articles on compensation (wages and benefits), collective bargaining, and safety and health issues. Most articles feature data from BLS surveys and are written by the agency’s analysts who know the data thoroughly and have the first look at the new data. However, outside data sources are often used and several authors from outside BLS have written articles for CWC Online.

Over recent years, several articles on compensation, and its components—wages and benefits, have been published, and their analyses remain relevant for today’s economy. Articles specifically on wages have included comparisons of wages for full-time and part-time workers, ranking of civilian occupations by earnings, supplemental pay, earnings by level of duties and responsibilities, wages in the non-profit sector, wages for specific occupations and industries, and how to age wage survey data. Articles specifically on benefits have dealt with consumer driven health plans, automatic enrollment plans, how to evaluate the quality of your 401(k) plan, take-up rates in medical care plans, local area employee benefits, alternatives to frozen defined benefit plans, access to lesser known benefits, state and local government retirement benefits, and wellness and employee assistance programs.

Articles on collective bargaining have involved NLRB union representation elections; profiles of collective bargaining disputes; and major union mergers, alliances, and disaffiliations.

Articles specifically on safety and health issues have focused on fatalities among volunteers; safety and health in the health care and social assistance industry; and coal mining injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

The CWC Online had its beginnings in 1948 with the Current Wage Developments publication, which served as the primary outlet for data related to collective bargaining agreements. In 2003, the CWC Online switched from print to electronic media. The journal makes the most of its online format, providing links to data sources and references throughout each article. Today, articles are posted online towards the end of each month.

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