Bluepoint Leadership Development Launches 6 Additional Workshops for the Leadership Express Series

Bluepoint’s Leadership Express Series is comprised of short yet highly impactful workshops designed to provide participants with leadership practices, tools and methodologies that they can immediately use back on the job. Even though they are only 90 minutes in length, these leadership development workshops are not simply cursory overviews. Participants are quickly immersed in key leadership concepts such as execution, emotional intelligence, coaching and communication, and then guided through challenging experiential exercises that provide them with the opportunity to rapidly learn advanced leadership principles and acquire new, practical skills. These leadership development workshops are designed to be delivered by internal trainers or facilitators using the accompanying detailed Facilitator Guides. Materials can be purchased as a complete series of twelve workshops or as stand-alone sessions.

– Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand …clear principles, public commitment
Creating a strong, recognized leadership brand is a very important factor in your success as a leader. In the course of this workshop, you will have the opportunity to study and reflect upon your leadership brand and identify ways that you can enhance this brand.

– The Leader Within…harnessing the power of emotions
Emotions, we all have them, and they are a powerful force in our lives. In this highly personal workshop, participants will learn how to respond to and manage their emotions and, doing so, enhance their ability to work effectively with others, teams and organizations.

– A Leadership Legacy …leaving an indelible mark on people, teams and organizations
At the end of your career, wouldn’t it be great to look back and say “I did it my way…and I wouldn’t change a thing.” This workshop is designed to help participants consider their long term goals and draft plans to create a legacy for which they will be most proud.

– Crafting a Leadership Story… communication that inspires and drives change
Ever since cave dwellers scratched rough outlines of antelope on rock walls, we have been communicating with each other through the use of stories. In this hands-on workshop, participants will study a powerful methodology for created leadership stories and practice preparing and delivering a story related to a current, important leadership opportunity or challenge.

– Building Leadership Connections…create relationships that matter
Great leaders seem to have the uncanny ability to readily create large networks of people who help them and their teams get things done; approvals are given, resources are provided, projects are financed and decisions are made. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use a proven, four-step interpersonal process to readily make connections with others both inside and outside their organizations.

– Excellence in Execution: Leaders Getting Things Done …leaders getting things done
Improving the ability for a team or organization to execute well needs to be on every leader’s agenda. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a potent, five-step process that will greatly enhance their ability to get projects and assignments completed within the organization. They will have the opportunity to apply the process in real time during the workshop and receive guidance on opportunities for improvement.

– Authenticity and Leadership Today … standing tall on character and ideals
A high degree of authenticity allows individuals at all organization levels make a strong leadership impact, have a powerful personal brand, and enjoy positive self-esteem. This is a highly-interactive learning experience designed to challenge participants to step up to the demands of being an authentic leader in today’s complex, ever changing organizations.

– Impact & Influence …interpersonal effectiveness through self-awareness, clarity and intense dialogue
This practical, hands-on workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore ways in which they can substantially increase their interpersonal effectiveness at all organizational levels. Through brief lecturettes, individual and group exercises, and intense dialogues, participants will gain a stronger sense of self-awareness, gain clarity on what matters most to them in work and life and increase their ability to make profound, influential connections with others.

– The Powerful Coaching Conversation … a catalyst for high performance and accelerated careers
Most great leadership doesn’t happen during boardroom presentations or at annual meetings. This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to study the three key elements of a great coaching conversation (Discovery, Creation and Commitment) as well as to practice The Three Core Coaching Skills necessary to excel at this process: (1) Listen like a Coach, (2) Think like a Coach, and (3) Speak like a Coach.

– Leading Change…pathfinding, equipping and sustaining
In this intense study of how leaders can accelerate and sustain planned change, participants will be introduced to the powerful Leading Change Model and it three major leadership practices: Create Direction, Accelerate Mastery and Coach Others.

– Leading High Performance Teams …. the big shift to innovation and execution and The Leader as Facilitator …helping others learn, transform and perform both under development.

About Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development is a global force in leadership development. We’re known for crafting and executing exceptional developmental experiences that transform how organizations approach and practice leadership.
We help our clients achieve business and leadership development goals by focusing on four key areas: Leadership, Communications, Innovation, and Coaching. Bluepoint’s workshops have earned top accolades by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Bersin & Associates Learning Leaders, and We also receive the highest marks from large and small clients such as American Express, Qualcomm, New York Life, Microsoft and Intel.