Bluepoint Leadership releases List #4 in the six part series – Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching.

Loveland, OH – March 8, 2010 – This week, List #4 in the series is entitled: The Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches.

One of the really cool things about coaching is that it is not the exclusive domain of a few individuals who are uniquely gifted to do this important work. Everyone can coach. Some, however, are committed to continually developing themselves so they can serve others better. These are the coaches who are truly great.

Here are the Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches.

These coaches:

#1. have a spirit of generosity – they liberally share their time, attention and energy with others.

#2. see the best in others – they choose to look past the shortcomings of others to focus on their positive qualities, even if deeply hidden.

#3. have high self-esteem – they feel good enough about themselves that they do not use the coaching relationship to feed their egos.

#4. are emotionally mature – they are keenly self-aware, understand how to manage their emotions and are able to create substantial relationships with others.

#5. are interpersonally courageous – they boldly confront those they coach and seek the path to truth in all conversations.

#6. have uncommon compassion – they understand the struggle and pain that often accompanies personal learning and change.

#7. are life-long learners – they have voracious appetites for new knowledge and self-development.

#8. are strong enough to bend – they have a unique blend of flexibility and resilience that allows them to weather the disappointments, setbacks and conflicts inherent in the coaching process.

#9. have an accepting nature – they recognize and silence their judgmental voices that are a natural part of the human condition.

#10. have a perpetual optimistic bias – they help the person being coached see that they have the power to create a tomorrow that is better than today.

This is the fourth in the series of six “Top 10 Lists for Great Coaching” that include:

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3. The 10 Step Framework for Effective Coaching Sessions
4. The Top 10 Qualities of Great Coaches
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6. The Top 10 Principles of Learning, Change and Development

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