BraveNewTalent Reveals Enterprise Talent Community Platform at the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo

Palo Alto, California / October 4, 2012—BraveNewTalent, the social platform that powers Talent Communities so that organizations and people can connect, communicate and collaborate around relevant professional topics, will exhibit and demonstrate their latest Enterprise offering during this year’s 15th annual HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL, October 8-10, 2012, in booth #1025.

Organizations today long to attract, engage and develop talent from a highly competitive global audience, but tend to fragment their outreach to applicants, current employees and alumni due to disparate, non-integrated processes and systems. BraveNewTalent’s open social platform allows organizations to invite their entire talent ecosystem to participate in their community, empowering all generations and populations that make up the ecosystem to share, learn and collaborate freely. Organizations can also create and curate relevant content from across the Internet to share in their community while syndicating content out to their array of existing social channels, targeting specific talent population segments with learning and development content.

BraveNewTalent gives an organization the opportunity to brand itself using the key assets that truly differentiate it — its key people and thought leadership content. By providing a Talent Community framework that lets all professionals interested in affiliating with organizations join discussions around their thought leadership content, best practices, emerging issues and critical opportunities, BraveNewTalent gives organizations a means to dynamically develop their next-generation workforce.

BraveNewTalent’s key features include:

– Creating segmentable online communities that enable organizations to unite all of the talent populations that make up their ecosystem and yet still deliver valuable, highly relevant content and discussion opportunities to each.
– Aggregating content relevant to the organization and its audience into the community environment from across the Internet paired with the ability to syndicate content out to existing social channels — i.e., Twitter identities and Facebook Fan Pages — that then pushes followers back to the Talent Communities as the social hub of engagement.
– Influencing and discovering talent not previously affiliated with the organization through cross-posting of professionally relevant content to topic pages that provide users insight on the latest trends and emerging issues around those topics.

“The business environment in which our customers compete is changing at an ever-increasing pace,” said Lucian Tarnowski, Founder and CEO of BraveNewTalent. “Organizations committed to ongoing success recognize that becoming more agile is key, including how they gain access to and leverage the world’s professional talent. Progressive organizations are investing in talent mobility, contingent workforce management and social learning — all practices aimed at helping ensure they have the right talent in the right place at the right time.”

“The approaches and tools that supported human resource management yesterday do not enable agility today — they restrict it,” said Master Burnett, Director of Strategy at BraveNewTalent. “Social technologies that create community environments gives the entire workforce ecosystem around an organization the flexible network to share knowledge, learn and collaborate together, adapting to its industry’s changing environment real-time. The BraveNewTalent platform enables organizations to build a thriving online environment in which organizations can develop their next generation workforce by becoming more transparent, which is a key social imperative. We are empowering organizations to do something they have long talked about doing, but were not able to do feasibly before.”

Organizations interested in learning more about BraveNewTalent’s Talented Communities platform should visit them in booth #1025 at this year’s HR Technology Conference & Expo, October 8-10, 2012. Visitors to BraveNewTalent’s booth can then be entered to will a complimentary Talent Community assessment and implementation valued at $10,000.

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