BullseyeEvaluation Partners with Behavioural Consulting Group To Improve Organizational Performance and Employee Engagement in Southeast Asia.

BullseyeEvaluation, LLC today announced its partnership with Behavioural Consulting Group to provide performance management and employee engagement solutions across southeast Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

“Our aim is to transform the workplace,” commented Lita Nithiyanandan, founder of Behavioural Consulting Group. “Leadership is an everyday activity. Using Bullseye Performance Management Systems(R), leaders and employees get real time information that enables them to engage in frequent and constructive dialogue about core business priorities,” asserts Lita.

Combined, BullseyeEvaluation and Behavioural Consulting Group use impactful technology, tools, and science models to drive feedback and employee engagement. The results are observable, measurable and help clients proactively build a more sustainable business.

“We are delighted to align Bullseye with Lita’s team at Behavioural Consulting Group to deploy our performance management software solutions throughout Southeast Asia, commented Adeel Zaidi, founder of BullseyeEvaluation. “Employee engagement begins with feedback, and when connected to social performance management, enables employees to think and act as business partners. Bullseye connects employee performance and organizational management in one simple solution.”

Read more about how to make wiser employee decisions using behavioral analysis here:

Clients who partner with both BullseyeEvaluation and Behavioural Consulting Group in 2013 will receive a complimentary Competency Starter Kit valued at up to $15,000.00 that includes over 100 basic job competencies and sub competencies to help measure and drive the behaviours that lead to improved performance.

About Behavioural Consulting Group
The Behavioural Consulting Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in using Behavioural Science principles in improving performance and productivity within their client organizations. The Behavioural Consulting Group has an extensive network of consultants supporting clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, India and Indonesia. The team also provides facilitation support and coaching for leaders in the region. For more information, visit http://www.behaviouralconsulting.com/

About BullseyeEvaluation, LLC
Bullseye Performance Management Systems is a web-based performance management solutions company that helps to optimize employee and operational performance of companies. Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions that connect human capital and operational performance management. Our employee performance solutions improve engagement by facilitating frequent communication and social feedback. Our business intelligence solutions display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator dashboards. All of Bullseye’s products are user friendly, configurable and quickly deployed. For more information, see www.bepms.com.

Bullseye Contact: Louis Posthauer, Director Business Development, 713-554-0909