BullseyeEvaluation Selected as Performance Management Solution of Choice for The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)

BullseyeEvaluation, LLC today announced its selection by The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) www.tcpn.org as its authorized provider of performance management software solutions. Under the authority of the Texas Region 4 Education Service Center (ESC) under this agreement schools, colleges and universities, other state and local government agencies, and non-profits in Texas and throughout the United States are able to purchase Performance Management solutions from BullseyeEvaluation using a significantly streamlined procurement process.

The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) is a national governmental purchasing cooperative that has contracts with national vendors for commonly purchased products and services allowing member entities to make compliant purchases at a valued rate. TCPN awards best-value contracts based on quality, proven performance, customer satisfaction and pricing.

“Bullseye is proud to have the opportunity to build upon our education expertise and partner with TCPN to provide performance management solutions,” commented Adeel Zaidi, founder of BullseyeEvaluation. “Bullseye connects employee performance and organizational performance management in one simple solution which all organizations need to ensure results, accountability, and satisfied employees and customers.”

This contract offers TCPN’s 10,000-plus active members pre-negotiated pricing for a Performance Management software solution that helps organizations attain a streamlined and engaged workforce.

“TCPN is pleased to partner with BullseyeEvaluation to offer performance management solutions. The BullseyeEvaluation portfolio of performance management solutions will enable public sector organizations to better engage and manage their workforces,” said Chris Penny, VP of Sales with TCPN.

BullseyeEvaluation is a comprehensive enterprise approach to performance management including:
1. Appraisals (including self,peer,360 and team)
2. Employee communication, social feedback and recognition
3. Performance goals management
4. Learning, leadership development, and training management
5. Job competencies, career management and succession planning

With BullseyeEvaluation you can measure employee performance improvements, correlate goals attainment to organizational objectives, and coordinate career development activities to organizational and individual competencies. For more information visit: http://www.bullseyeevaluation.com/tcpn.aspx

About The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)
TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative, established in 1997 whose contracts have been competitively bid and awarded, by a governmental entity serving in the lead agency role, to national vendors for commonly purchased products and services, including facilities, furniture, office supplies and equipment, security systems and technology. Entities that must comply with purchasing procedures mandated by state laws and regulations, like public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, nonprofits, and all governmental entities, use TCPN contracts to increase their efficiency and economy when procuring goods and services. As a national purchasing cooperative, TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential and allows agencies to receive a combined buying power regardless of the entity’s size. For more information about TCPN, please visit www.tcpn.org.

About BullseyeEvaluation, LLC
Bullseye Performance Management System is a web-based performance management solutions company that helps to optimize employee and operational performance of companies. Bullseye provides trend setting, non-form based solutions that connect human capital and operational performance management. Our employee performance solutions improve engagement by facilitating frequent communication and social feedback. Our business intelligence solutions display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator dashboards. All of Bullseye’s products are user friendly, configurable and quickly deployed. For more information, see www.bepms.com.
Bullseye Contact: Louis Posthauer, Director Business Development, 713-554-0909