WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (April 6, 2017)–Businessolver, a leader in SaaS-based benefits administration technology, today announced it was honored with Tier 3 Leadership Level distinction at the Governor’s Celebration of Performance Excellence in March, sponsored by Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE). IRPE holds Iowa-based organizations accountable to the standards in the Baldrige Excellence Framework to guide performance improvement and achieve business results.

As a Tier 3 Leadership honoree, Businessolver has effectively progressed in meeting Baldrige Framework standards, showing systematic organizational processes and results in leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, workforce focus, operations focus, measurement/analysis, and knowledge management. The award, presented by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, was accepted on behalf of Businessolver by Rae Shanahan, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“This honor truly reflects a companywide achievement,” Shanahan said. “Our quality mantra is ‘We’re in it together,’ and that continues to be true. I appreciate our company leadership, who believe wholeheartedly in making performance excellence a cornerstone of our business. And I’m grateful to all Businessolver employees, who make quality and process improvement a priority each day at work.”

Scott Burgmeyer, Senior Vice President of Quality and Improvement at Businessolver – and recently named a national Baldrige examiner – served as the emcee for the March 30 event, held in Altoona, Iowa.

“It was my honor and privilege to host Governor Branstad and all of the incredible organizations honored at this year’s Celebration of Performance Excellence,” Burgmeyer said. “I know first-hand the commitment, passion, and rigor it takes to pursue and meet the Baldrige criteria, so I was proud to have a role in acknowledging those efforts for companies across Iowa.”

Event also Highlighted Cyber Security and Process Improvement
Businessolver also featured prominently at the Governor’s Celebration in the event’s breakout sessions.

Tom Pohl, Businessolver’s Vice President of IT Systems, gave an expert presentation on cyber security, recently named a new criteria within the Baldrige Framework. Pohl is one of the original developers of the Businessolver benefits administration technology platform, which maintains the information integrity for nearly 10 million system participants. Pohl is responsible for all facets of Businessolver’s information technology systems, including security, functionality, and evolution.

“I’m proud to share our cyber security efforts with a wider group – to show how deeply our team cares about what we do, and offer insight for other organizations how to make a positive difference in this critical business area,” Pohl said. “To realize the importance and impact we can have in a role like this in an organization is truly special.”

In addition, Businessolver was pleased to share the stage with a group of Iowa high-school students, recently hosted onsite by the company as part of a week-long workshop on quality and process improvement.

During the workshop, Burgmeyer and his team helped the students apply leadership and problem-solving skills to achieve a real-world goal for Businessolver. The five students spent the week learning about the company’s quality journey and the tools it’s implemented to improve processes and document efforts toward higher quality products and service. They applied DMAIC process and A3 documentation to identify solutions to reduce average call time for the Businessolver Service Center, while maintaining quality and efficiency to help as many customers as possible.

The students presented their learnings and solutions at the Governor’s Celebration event.

“I’m happy to have our companywide commitment to quality and performance excellence on full display at this year’s Governor’s Celebration,” said Jon Shanahan, Businessolver Founder, CEO, and President. “We truly believe we’re all in this together – every employee in every department – and were especially pleased this year to expand our focus to include the next generation of quality experts in our community. Receiving Tier 3 Leadership distinction is affirmation for our efforts thus far, and we look forward to taking our next bold steps in the quality journey.”

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