Businessolver Shares Key Product Innovations at 2017 HR Technology Conference

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (October 10, 2017)–Businessolver, a leader in SaaS-based benefits administration technology, is showcasing its latest platform innovations this week in Las Vegas at the 2017 HR Technology Conference & Expo. The product development and design strategy behind the latest advancements is twofold: to streamline benefits management and data reporting for employer administrators on the company’s Benefitsolver(R) platform; and to continue to support the employee experience as one that transforms benefits from a singular Annual Enrollment event to a year-round personalized journey.

“HR Tech is annually the marquee event for vendors, carriers, and customers in the benefits technology industry,” said Rae Shanahan, Businessolver Chief Strategy Officer. “There’s no better place for us to shine a spotlight on our incredible product development team and showcase all that they’ve done in the last year to help Businessolver deliver on its mission to delight our clients.”

New and enhanced product development lead employees to the right benefits at the right time and the right place, across the employment spectrum

Businessolver spent much of 2017 refining its user experience, with a goal to assist its employer clients in leading members to the right benefits at the right time. Its MyChoice℠ Mobile App, launched in March as a free resource to all clients and their employees, allows users to quickly and securely access benefits information, manage their benefits, and get expert benefits support – all with a tap and swipe on their smartphone. The 2.0 version of the app, released this summer, helps users navigate essential plan details even more easily, when and where they need it most – at the doctor’s office, pharmacy, urgent care facility, or anywhere in between. With the MyChoice Mobile App 2.0, users can:

– Send an in-app email as an additional contact option for when they have a question that doesn’t need an immediate response. Of course, phone and chat are still available for urgent point-of-care inquiries like, “Does my plan cover this?”
– Get one-touch access to all of their plan details such as deductible, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums.
– Directly access Sofia, Businessolver’s industry-first personal benefits assistant.

“The MyChoice Mobile App has been a great addition to our arsenal of tools for Open Enrollment,” said Susan Lowe, Director of Benefits at Sephora. “Employees like the fact that their plan elections are right on their phone, and they are especially excited about the ability to take pictures of their medical and dental ID cards and store them in the App!”

In tandem with the 2.0 release of the Mobile App, Businessolver also launched MyChoice℠ Market, an industry-first solution to provide benefits support to employees no matter where they are on the employment spectrum. “We maintain the belief employees don’t enjoy shopping for benefits, however our focus continue to be on making the experience consistent with other web based experiences,” Shanahan said. MyChoice Market offers a simple shopping experience with a mix of core and voluntary offerings, specifically designed to help employers stay connected to their alumni employee network by allowing exiting employees easy access to benefits they can take with them when they leave. The Market is housed within the Benefitsolver platform, and therefore is a familiar and engaging interface for users.

Millennials (now the largest U.S. workforce demographic) average just 1.3 years with one employer, but 46% would consider returning to a former company. MyChoice Market provides strategic support and engagement to aid Businessolver clients in successfully recruiting “boomerang employees.”

“Having MyChoice Market available to exiting employees will allow us to provide them with more choices beyond standard COBRA coverages and assist them in filling the gaps to new employment or retirement, in a way that might be more cost effective than traditional COBRA rates,” said Robin Sgutt, Senior Benefit Plans Manager at Lenovo. “The site will be familiar to them and provide them with a nice offboarding experience that we hope will help make their transition a positive one.”

Adding to that positive offboarding experience, Businessolver in September rolled out online COBRA enrollment as a feature to complement MyChoice Market. Members can select the option to enroll in COBRA, choose their coverage, and provide payment, all from within the Benefitsolver platform – no paperwork needed. This seamless COBRA election option is one more way Businessolver is creating greater efficiency for clients, while supporting members through the entire employment life cycle – hire to retire.

Configurable reporting adds ease and efficiency for HR/benefits professionals

In its mission to deliver client delight, Businessolver’s latest platform enhancements work to create greater efficiency for HR/benefits professionals – who statistically spend 18.6% of their workweek on administrative tasks, including operations management and managing redundancies.

One such enhancement is configurable reporting through the Build a Report functionality, by which clients can create, save, access, and share hundreds of custom reports, generated in real-time snapshots from Benefitsolver data. This added functionality allows administrators to capture data across key moments in time (from one day to multiple years) across any employee demographic group (plan enrollment, age, tenure with the organization, gender, and more) – which can aid in creating segmented employee communications and making strategic plan design decisions.

“With Build a Report, HR/benefits professionals can enter the C-suite armed with the specific data needed to aid in strategic decisionmaking on an organizational level,” said Sean McMurray, Businessolver Chief Technology Officer. “This functionality helps administrators fluently speak the often data-driven and financial language of executives, while saving them time and energy in the process. We’re doing all we can to make Benefitsolver a data-rich repository, while also keeping the platform as efficient as possible for our clients to keep that 18% of administrative hours each week to an absolute minimum. The ultimate goal is to help our clients do their jobs better and faster.”

Learn more about Businessolver: Visit booth 1949 at the 2017 HR Technology Conference & Expo, Oct. 10-13 at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

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