Case Study: Athletico Rehabilitates its Performance Review Process with Reviewsnap

JOHNSTON, IOWA, May 8, 2014–When Athletico decided to rehabilitate its outdated, paper-based performance review process, Reviewsnap was its solution of choice for a number of reasons. But even Athletico never expected to streamline its process by a whopping 85 percent. A new case study, issued today by Reviewsnap, tells the story of how these two organizations worked together to reduce administrative hassles while also adding functionality that would get everyone–from HR staff to managers to employees–more engaged in the review process.

The case study, which is available for download here, outlines:

– The factors that led Chicago-based Athletico (a provider of physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, athletic training and fitness services) to choose Reviewsnap.
– How the companies have worked together to customize Reviewsnap’s solutions.
– And the benefits Reviewsnap’s online system has delivered to Athletico.

“Implementing Reviewsnap was a great decision,” said Kathy Yates, Athletico’s HRIS Systems Manager. “The attention and customer service we get from Reviewsnap is top notch–and we love how Reviewsnap is continually enhancing its offerings.” She added that the companies are now exploring ways to expand their relationship and take Athletico’s performance review process to a whole new level.

Reviewsnap’s Vice President of Marketing, Chris Arringdale, said, “Working with Athletico has been a great experience. Athletico was already a highly successful company when our relationship began, so it’s been a joy to help its internal team and its HR staff continue to thrive and improve their performance review process.”

About Athletico
Athletico Physical Therapy provides orthopedic rehabilitation services to communities and organizations throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. To demonstrate its commitment to both our patients and referring physicians, it measures functional patient outcomes and patient satisfaction with national data comparison using a third-party outcomes system. Its services include physical and occupational/hand therapy, work rehabilitation, performing arts rehabilitation, women’s health therapy, pediatric physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management and athletic training. Expanded services include aquatic therapy, ART, Graston Technique, performance enhancement, fitness center memberships, personal training, golf fitness, endurance, nutrition, massage therapy and complimentary injury screens. For more information on Athetico visit

About Reviewsnap
Reviewsnap is a complete, fully automated performance management system that offers user-friendly, reliable and affordable on-demand SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to help companies align goals for greater results, enhance communication and coaching, increase employee engagement, and save time and money through improved efficiency. Learn more at