CERTPOINT Systems Identifies Six Steps to Learning Engagement

June 19, 2012 Roslyn. NY. Global learning technologies innovator CERTPOINT Systems has identified six steps to learning engagement based on the classic principles of marketing.

Comments Maria van Vlodrop, General Manager Europe, CERTPOINT Systems, “In today’s volatile environment, learning and development needs to prove more than ever that people are engaged with their learning and their learning systems. Stakeholders and management must be convinced of the value of investment.”

She continues, “I believe that a strong, planned campaign plays a major role in helping to make this happen. Call it marketing if you will — for these days, marketing’s job is to create community and inspire people to join in.”

Van Vlodrop explains that successful enterprises are using multiple channels and viral communication inviting consumers to collaborate and engage with their brands — she cites Nike, T-mobile, Coca-Cola as examples. Her belief is that successful learning systems delivering business benefit have transformed too by placing collaboration and engagement at their heart. Learners today play an active role in the take up of learning systems: they have opinions, rate content, encourage their peers to engage — or not…

The six steps to engagement:

Confirm your business driver and approach: a defined business driver makes the imperative for learning clear. Without a learning driver you risk losing the support of your managers — the people who decide whether learners have the time, space, and encouragement to learn.

Confirm your audience: it’s more than just learners — administrators, content creators and managers all influence how a LMS is used. Once you’ve segmented your audience, establish “what’s in it for me?” for each one.

Understand your stakeholders: establish which groups should be targeted first according to how much they impact your project’s success and their enthusiasm for it.

Build a communications plan: plan messages and action for each stakeholder cluster. Communication could include meetings, newsletters, videos, social networking groups, blogs, team briefings, monthly TV shows or podcasts. Go for quick wins to convince management that the learning system is effective — focus on high visibility projects and aim for enthusiasts.

Ensure feedback: avoid the easy trap of one way communication, especially by email.

Sustain engagement: keep e-learning top of mind by sharing success stories, raising the profile of your learning externally through PR, conference platforms, entering awards — then share external success internally. Consider incentives (reward and recognition).

Van Vlodrop concludes, “It’s my belief that people need a reason to learn and a supportive environment to learn in. Many companies focus effort in deploying new systems and on getting implementation right, rather than on adoption and sustained engagement.

Tackling these two factors involves helping people to understand the value of learning at work, and making sure managers support it. Smart marketing that encourages everyone to join in is a key step to success.”

About CERTPOINT Systems Inc.

CERTPOINT Systems is an award-winning global learning technologies innovator. Its all-in-one learning management systems are used by more than 1,200 organizations in 80+ countries and 40+ languages to manage performance, deliver knowledge and track business results.

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