Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – February 16, 2012 – Tampa, FL-based Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, the nation’s largest chain of double drive-thru restaurants, knows that people drive its success.

When the national quick service chain decided that one of their core corporate values, “Obsessed with Excellence: Uncompromisingly High Standards” could be enhanced by investing in talent management technology, Checkers gave JobApp Network a tall order.  Bring excellence. Bring an ROI that won’t quit.

After less than nine months of utilizing JobApp’s core talent acquisition solution, Checkers’ own internal analysis showed a 40.9% reduction in restaurant Team Member turnover.  They found the results very compelling and the investment in JobApp well supported — a less than 3-month payback. Turnover results from the Team Members at JobApp restaurants were significantly better compared to Checkers’ control group restaurants.

Eliminating paper through JobApp allowed Checkers to process 14,000 applications across their 298 corporate locations in November alone and entirely eliminate paper from the hiring and onboarding processes.

“Over the past 4 years, Checkers and Rally’s has been investing heavily in systems, including Guest Satisfaction, Speed of Service and other operational tools along with Back Office solutions that are delivering record-level results in Guest Satisfaction and other operating metrics,” said Adam Noyes, chief restaurant operations and supply chain officer.

“With operational technologies well in hand, our JobApp partnership has helped us to focus on Hiring Right, which is the first step of the New People Strategy at Checkers.  The JobApp tool has helped drive awareness to an available employment pool, and has systematized the manual system, providing our managers with tools to select the very best.  We also partnered with JobApp on full integration with our other operating systems, so it is a win-win for our team and for our guests.”

Restaurant manager surveys conducted by Checkers across more than 50 restaurants indicated that restaurant managers also clearly perceived that JobApp brought a better quality of applicant and reduced time-to-hire.  In fact, the vast majority of their restaurant managers indicated an average time savings of approximately 2 hours per week and 92% of restaurant managers strongly recommended rolling JobApp out across the entire system.

Ease-of-use was especially important to Checkers.  Hence, JobApp’s seamlessly integrated suite of add-on services from personality assessments to background checks to electronic new hire packets was important to ensuring simplicity and enthusiastic adoption.

Compliance was also a major driver in Checkers’ decision to implement JobApp.  JobApp’s electronic I-9/E-Verify compliance solution and electronic forms management technology helps greatly to simplify compliance – something that has become especially important in light of the federal government’s increased scrutiny of employers (employer I-9 audits have quadrupled over the last 3 years).

Having seen the success of JobApp at the 298 corporate locations, many Checkers franchisees have since also adopted JobApp.  “I personally saw the results of the corporate rollout and did not hesitate to sign up,” said Bert Colabawala, a Checkers franchisee and director of operations.

About JobApp Network   JobApp gives any company with a decentralized workforce what it needs to hire the best person for the right job, right now. You identify the top 20 percent of applicants at a glance, engage the best candidates quickly and, just as efficiently, you draw a bead on a new employee’s best next move within your company. But that’s only what the candidate and the person who hires them might see. Behind the scenes, paperwork is eliminated from the entire process, from application (whether by phone or online) right through onboarding and early performance management.  Hiring compliance?  Done.   Tax credit eligibility?  Handled.  Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., JobApp is online at