Checkster Launches Interview Checkup, Restoring Effectiveness to Candidate Interview Debriefs

Mill Valley, Calif. / September 12, 2011 — Checkster, the leading talent assessment vendor leveraging collective intelligence, today released Interview Checkup, a new tool in its suite of offerings to improve candidate selection. The interview Checkup enables organizations to benefit from better interview debriefings thanks to Checkster technology.

Too often organizations arrange multiple rounds of interviews only to barely debrief on the results, or they organize long meetings where the most vocal person shifts the outcome. The interview Checkup provides a solution — it’s a powerful yet easy way to leverage the collective intelligence of all interviewers. It improves the quality of the hiring decision while only requiring minutes from interviewers or the hiring manager.

Interview Checkup brings an end to wasteful debrief sessions where the social influence of peers impacts the accuracy of the debriefs. Now, hiring managers and talent acquisition departments can quickly get the most accurate feedback while leveraging collective intelligence best practices.

The new solution leverages its effectiveness from Checkster’s deep experience from its suite of products ranging from reference check 2.0 to democratized 360 feedback tools used by many Fortune 500 companies.

“Checkster’s interview Checkup is an easy step that organizations can easily implement to increase consistency and accuracy of their interview process,” said Charles Handler, Industrial Psychology, president and founder of Rocket-Hire, specialized in developing effective, legally defensible employee selection systems. “Calibrating interview results via debriefs is often seen as an important step in the interview process and we know it is crucial, but unfortunately many firms often lack the needed tools. Although this step is important, it is often skipped based on the idea that there is not enough time to sort out interview notes to identify consistencies. Checkster’s new tool fills this need, allowing multiple interviewers to calibrate their results in no time.”

“The interview is the most widely used way to assess people. But what is the value of all those hours of interviews if the debrief session is either hijacked by one or two individuals or worse, never formally done?” said Yves Lermusi, chief executive officer of Checkster. “Often you need to chase after the interviewers to get their feedback or if you can successfully put them into the same room, the ‘social influence effect’ will ruin your hope of accuracy. Our early adopters of interview Checkup have already experienced great results and we look forward to help organizations increase the quality and fit of their workforce.”

While Checkster’s interview Checkup is formally launched today at Taleo World in San Francisco, it has already been used by several organizations and in the search industry and has been integrated with a Taleo customer through its passport certification.

About Checkster
Checkster is the leading Talent Assessment vendor leveraging Collective Intelligence. It provides organizations with cloud computing solutions to recognize and grow talent, with the help of colleagues’ feedback. Checkster’s products range from reference checkup to 360 feedback tools: The Reference Check 2.0 process, which assesses talent pre-hire by upgrading the traditional telephone reference check, to the new process of 360 Checkup, which provides developmental feedback to employees.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Checkster’s products are used by many Fortune 500 companies and providers of HR services. The company aims to improve the world’s productivity and harmony by increasing job fit and work achievement, as well as personal career satisfaction and fulfillment. Checkster leverages the latest technologies to offer its customers and candidates a unique, seamless experience for the ultimate impact.

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