Saratoga Springs, NY, January 30th, 2014 –, a leading provider of predictive pre-employment assessments and online reference-checking technology for mid-market and multinational employers, announces the launch of a six-part educational webinar series presented by Human Workplace CEO and the world’s leading authority on Human Resources in the new millennium, Liz Ryan.

The six-part series, titled “The Revolution in HR: Your Step-by-Step Evolution from Administrator in Chief to Minister of Culture in your organization,” will teach HR pros to step into their executive power. The program will lead HR professionals through the steps that will build their skills in the areas of critical thinking, business climate assessment and strategic culture-bulding.

Attendees will learn how to create an HR strategy, revamp and upgrade their recruiting and leadership-development systems for the new millennium, sell their ideas upstream to senior management and become talent magnets in their industries.

Greg Moran, CEO of, said “Liz is one of the foremost thought leaders in the HR world today. We are excited to be launching this program and are proud to be partnering on such great content for today’s HR professional.”

Liz Ryan, who will lead the webinar series “The Revolution in HR,” is a former Fortune 500 Human Resources SVP and the voice of HR in the new-millennium workplace. “HR people are clamoring for a roadmap to follow as they navigate the shifting terrain,” says Ryan. “ is bringing the conversation around the identity, mission and goals for senior-level HR leaders to a wider group of HR professionals, so that everyone can get on the path and start moving.”

The webinar series “The Revolution in HR” is open to all, and specifically geared to Human Resources professionals in all levels at all types of employers – industry, not-for-profits, government, academia and the arts.

Webinar Dates (all times are 2pm Eastern):
– February 13 – The Revolution in HR: An Introduction to HR with a Human Voice(TM)
– March 12 – Reinventing Recruiting to Win the Talent Wars
– April 30 – Beyond the Job Req: Creating Recruiting Pipelines, Funnels and Talent Hives
– June 4 – Employee Communication from the Podium to the Paystub
– July 16 – Employer Branding and Beyond: Cultivating Evangelists for your Talent Brand
– August 20 – Your HR Strategy and Plan: Selling Your Ideas Upstream and Building Executive Champions for Your Mission

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Human Workplace is a publishing, coaching and consulting firm whose mission is to reinvent work for people. Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan is the world’s most widely-read career and workplace authority, whose columns for, LinkedIn, Business Week, the Huffington Post, Denver Post, Harvard Business Review and Yahoo! reach 30 million readers per month. Human Workplace provides tools, eBooks, online and live courses and workshops, consulting and editorial content to employers, universities, government agencies, not-for-profits and individuals who want to bring a human voice and human energy into their businesses, lives and careers.

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