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Saratoga Springs, NY, March 26, 2013 —, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection(TM) solutions, today announced the official launch of its Predictive Talent Selection Suite, a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated, suite of talent selection products that vastly improves quality of hire by adding data and analytics to every step of the hiring process. This unique offering revolutionizes talent acquisition by adding consistent competency-based data throughout the hiring workflow, which, in turn, provides incremental predictability for talent decisions. As a result, organizations are better equipped to accurately predict a new hire’s future performance and increase overall hiring effectiveness. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Greg Moran states, “This new product release is the culmination of several years of success helping redefine talent selection at many of the world’s leading brands. One of the most significant reasons organizations hire the wrong candidates is because those hiring fail to accurately identify the performance contributing characteristics a new hire needs to succeed in a position. Moreover, even when the information is known, most organizations have a series of disparate selection tools and processes that provide little insight into a candidate’s true likelihood to succeed.”

He continues, “The Predictive Talent Selection Suite is anchored by a single competency map or job profile and ensures that each step of the selection process–sourcing, assessment, interview, verification and onboarding–all tie back to that critical foundation. Our deep behavioral science capabilities, combined with our cloud based multi-rater technology, make Chequed uniquely positioned to provide the only comprehensive, fully-integrated suite of talent selection tools.”

Asurea Director of Agency Management Chris Reid comments, “We selected Chequed to help us increase agent revenue earned by our entire sales organization. Within one year, we managed to increase the average revenue per agent by 188 percent.” He explains, “This is because Chequed’s competencies, benchmarks and predictive solutions work together to ensure we continually recruit for the candidate characteristics that make a quantifiable difference in performance at our organization.”

Chequed Predictive Talent Selection Suite
Built on’s proprietary assessment science and advanced Predictive Talent Selection technology,’s full line of talent selection tools are uniquely engineered to predict a new hire’s future performance. The suite is anchored by ChequedProfile(TM), a proprietary benchmarking process and tools that identify the success criteria for a given position. The other elements of the suite tie back to the profile to ensure that each step of the hiring process is based on objective, job relevant criteria. All the elements of the suite are integrated both by the underlying science and the cloud-based technology that delivers them. Together, this family of candidate assessment tools provides an unparalleled level of predictability to the talent selection process.

Chequed Chief Science Officer Kevin Williams, Ph.D. comments, “When hiring an employee, managers are faced with a probabilistic judgment – that is, what is the probability that this person will be a successful worker? This is a difficult task and typically requires multiple inputs from different sources.” He continues, “The new Chequed suite provides hiring managers and HR professionals with a set of decision aids that can reduce uncertainty and improve the prediction of job performance. The manager has convenient access to multiple methods of assessing an applicant’s qualifications and can collect data on job-relevant attributes from multiple sources. Moreover, each element of the Chequed solutions adds another layer of selection data, which leads to incremental predictability and measurably better hiring decisions.”

The key components of’s Predictive Talent Selection Suite can be used independently or collectively. Each element of the suite adds a degree of hiring precision and incremental predictability that the candidate is the best fit for the job and also the broader organization. When used collectively, these solutions provide world-class predictive data to make better hiring decisions. The five solutions are discussed below and include: ChequedProfile(TM), ChequedFit(TM), ChequedInterview(TM), ChequedReference(TM) and ChequedAnalytics(TM).

– ChequedProfile, which includes a proprietary benchmarked-based competency library and a high-impact collection of customized job analysis services, ensures that stakeholders screen and assess candidates with respect to job-relevant characteristics that have the greatest impact on organizational performance.

– ChequedFit, a family of pre-hire assessment products, work together to identify applicants best suited to the position, based on predefined criteria. The solutions screen out large volumes of unqualified candidates and screen in the individuals who are the best fit for the position and organization. In addition, the tools, which utilize’s proprietary science-based scoring algorithms clearly depict which candidates are the best fit relative to a large group of applicants. Built on decades of research in test development and validation, this most recent product release introduces a cultural fit assessment as well as technology that enables organizations to compare and rank candidates who have taken multiple assessments.

– ChequedInterview, a structured interview guide and scoring matrix solution, helps hiring managers and interview teams conduct better interviews and further assess candidates with respect to those characteristics deemed critical to job success. In addition, competency-based, structured interviews add job-relevant data to the hiring process and minimize regulatory risk.

– ChequedReference, a comprehensive reference automation solution, collects data from third parties connected with candidates to verify they possess the characteristics necessary to perform successfully on the job. This newest version of the release provides multiple features that allow organizations to extend their employment brand to references completing the assessment. In addition, there are new drill-down capabilities that reveal deeper insight about a candidate such as information for career pathing, onboarding and training and development purposes. Furthermore, it offers organizations functionality to build their sourcing pools within the reference automation solutions and other hiring products.

– ChequedAnalytics, a holistic reporting and analytic solution, helps organizations identify and measure key performance metrics such as Return on Hire to ensure business outcomes and a continuous improvement to the selection process. This most recent release introduces a more robust dashboard of features that depict data in new ways, allowing executives to continually make the best decisions for their organization.

Conference Call Details will host a conference call on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at 2:00pm EDT to discuss how organizations can utilize these solutions to incrementally predict new hire performance and vastly improve organizational productivity. For more information and to register, visit:

About delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based talent selection solutions engineered to predict a new hire’s future performance. Based in Saratoga Springs, NY,’s Predictive Talent Selection Suite, which is delivered globally, includes: ChequedProfile, ChequedFit, ChequedInterview, ChequedReference and ChequedAnalytics. In partnership with the University at Albany, works with organizations to implement best practices in talent selection, which are scientifically proven to reduce cost per hire, increase quality of hire and improve organizational productivity. For more information, visit [].

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