Makes Predictive, Structured Interviews Simple with New ChequedInterview(TM) Release

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – August 10, 2013 –, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection(TM) solutions, today released the next generation of ChequedInterview(TM). This first-of-its kind interview solution structures and standardizes the hiring process to virtually eliminate the bias and confusion that too often leads to bad hires.

“Unstructured interviews are the most common yet least predictive step in the talent selection process,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of “To obtain quality hires that contribute to organizational performance, it’s critical that organizations do their best to facilitate more structured interview processes. ChequedInterview(TM) adds a level of consistency and objectivity that leads to better hiring decisions and reduced legal risk.”

He continues, “What is truly unique about this solution is that the platform is structured so hiring managers and other interviewers know exactly where to probe deeper about a candidate’s potential to be a good fit for the job and organization. This is because the key questions in the interview application consider what is already known about the candidate’s performance potential. This allows the interview conversations to focus most on obtaining new information required to further hone in on candidate fit. In addition, the platform is interconnected with every other step in the selection process, from assessment to reference checking, ensuring the entire hiring process is rigorous, scalable and continually predictable.

ChequedInterview(TM) Key Features
With this new solution, organizations are provided with the automated structure, content and technology to ensure that interviewing ties back to criteria that are necessary for the job. It creates a standard operating procedure for all those involved in interviewing, thereby removing subjectivity and improving consistency. Moreover, it produces job-relevant insight so unqualified candidates can be quickly weeded out and allows further resources to be spent only on high-potential candidates. Key features available include:

User-friendly Portal: ChequedInterview(TM) appears on a candidate report as a clickable link, within which tips, best practices and interview questions can be retrieved. Without leaving the system, the packaged interview can be sent to hiring managers or other interviewers, allowing all decision-makers to facilitate consistent interviews that are based on the same critical criteria.

Customized Interview Questions: In addition to a complete library of standard interview questions, ChequedInterview(TM) offers hiring managers a concise interview guide that includes customized interview questions for each interview they engage. These questions are derived from the unique job profile’s most essential trait or competency criterion, as defined by the job analysis completed for ChequedProfile(TM), and the candidate’s scores on respective assessments. Behaviorally and situationally based, such inquiries probe deeper into the candidate’s past to better predict their future performance.

Standardized Scoring Matrix: The ChequedInterview(TM) guide, which hiring managers can use in the actual interview, also provides interviewers a user-friendly scoring matrix with which they can standardize their rating. Leveraging a clearly defined scale, each of the scores are accompanied by a definition of the trait or competency being investigated, as well as a summary of what the candidate’s responses should look like. This further streamlines the rating process, adding clear structure, data and objectivity to the otherwise highly subjective interview process.

Behavioral Interview Training Guide: Finally, hiring managers are also provided a comprehensive educational how-to for conducting structured behavioral interviews. This succinct, reader-friendly training manual provides interviewers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to facilitate and score a predictive interview, including tips for creating a productive interview environment and probing deeper with specific follow-up questions.

ChequedInterview(TM) integrates seamlessly with the other components of the Predictive Talent Selection(TM) Suite, including ChequedProfile(TM), ChequedFit(TM), ChequedReference(TM) and ChequedAnalytics(TM), to provide companies a comprehensive solution for improved hiring. ChequedInterview(TM) can also be used collaboratively with video interviewing technology as well as other hiring technologies to further streamline the process. To make your interviewing more effective and learn more about on’s Predictive Talent Selection(TM) Suite, visit contact:
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